What should you never cheap out on?

I’ve always used a Speck CandyShell case and a screen protector, …mostly the 9H glass protectors.

I’ve never once broken an iPhone since I started years ago with the 3GS. All look brand new when I finish with them. Just remove case and glass and rub with microfibre cloth.

No need for expensive phone insurance polices with £100xs (that don’t materialise from some challenger banks) either.



Used to find the idea of spending upwards of £50 a lot already. They’d start falling apart after a few months and would either not be waterproof as they claim, or the winter ones I bought would still be cold and uncomfortable.

Last year I bought a decent Jack Wolfskin waterproof winter coat for £130 and took it to Munich in January. It snowed (a lot) when I was there and during/just after the heaviest snowfall, I spent the entire day wandering around Munich Zoo in the freezing cold, never once did I actually feel it. It also looks great and feels like it’ll last me a long time. Probably one of my best purchases in years.

My other one would be shoes - walking shoes, running shoes, football boots, anything footwear wise. I’m flat-footed and overpronate quite heavily. Before I figured out why I was getting pain so badly in my shins that sometimes it would take me 10 minutes to stand up in a morning, I was buying any old trainers and shoes - quite a lot of them in fact, because I’d find them highly uncomfortable after a week or so of use and decide I needed a new pair.

I bought some Brooks trainers (from the Adrenaline range) after having my problem analysed in an Up & Running store and have been close to pain free since, it just costs me a lot more than I’d hoped, but overall less than randomly buying and hoping for the best.

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Unless you have a Costco card --the Kirkland (own brand) stuff is excellent. 40 rolls of triple-ply for about £17…:rofl:

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Health Insurance (if within your means) - though the NHS does a great job in the UK.

Any PPE. I climb trees and would never ever buy a cheap knock off of a product that holds my life.

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Sure there’s a difference between Distel and Bistel where the hardness of the gaff and shank is different and the strap may be weaker but similarly it would be silly to insist upon a certain brand when a “knock off” is shown to be of equal quality (as they often are with other climbing safety products).

I wouldn’t want to be the guinea pig for that experiment.

Plus who knows if the knock off that you bought is the same knockoff that was tested and that there is the quality control for this knockoff ensuring that it’s the same as the one that was tested.

Same way you know with anything else.

Ye fair point I would never insist on a particular brand. Just insist on a few brands which I know are tested, and certified to be able to hold X amount of weight. There are ropes/equipment you can buy off eBay that come from China for a fraction of the price. I would never take that risk.

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Toilet roll, the cheap stuff is absolute sh1t, I’ve been using the who gives a crap toilet roll for a year now and as toilet roll goes, this stuff is great.

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Yes I got it, well done… It’s not funny the first time you hear it and less so the more you hear it. let alone when it makes no sense.

The main reason it should be called out is that it perpetuates a misunderstanding that affects a sport enjoyed by thousands in the UK but really struggling due to people making such silly and very harmful comments like that from a place of pure ignorance :frowning: :frowning:

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The cause is great but it’s much more expensive and worse quality than other brands unless I’m missing something?

Those of you that tried or are still using who gives a crap, how are you finding it?
I am tempted to get a pack to try it but its obviously a big initial cost for the premium and I want to compare against store brands.

They have a free trial offer?

Still using them but worked out that as a singleton the box is going to last a long time :wink:

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