What really grinds your gears?

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This might be of interest. :blush:


Plenty in Scotland as well!

Great thing about that site is the live charging map so you know if a charger is in use or unavailable!


We have plenty of roads around that aren’t even big enough for roadside parking, most people are half on the pavement :frowning_face:


That irritates me no end! So often see people with prams and wheelchairs having to go on the road :disappointed_relieved:


Unfortunately it’s what happens when the council turn about 8 parking spaces into a house and 2 flats


They are making it illegal to pavement park here. Will be interesting to see what happens


Does that apply to emergency services too? Or delivery vehicles? DPD already hates the heavy stuff I order that he has to carry up a million steps. I can’t imagine him being pleased carrying it up the hill as well because there’s nowhere to park…


Without wanting to derail this topic much more I don’t believe it does, the bill states:

motor vehicle” has the meaning given by section 185(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988, except that—
(a) section 189 of that Act (exception for certain pedestrian controlled vehicles and electrically assisted pedal cycles) applies as it applies for the purposes of that Act, and
(b) it does not include a heavy commercial vehicle (within the meaning given by section 20(1) of that Act) (but see section 19(1) of that Act),

Local authorities may also exempt sections of pavement if they need to


“Or three cyclists cycling right next to each other and not behind!”


Okay that’s good news.

Getting back on track, I hate the million steps up to everyone’s house around here.

Oh and cyclists who don’t think red lights apply to them and cycle onto the roundabout anyway…


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People that make new forum accounts that a) don’t use the search function and b) don’t take any notice of that blue thing that comes up on the right so they can check if it’s a duplicate thread.

Oh I don’t count coz I’m me init

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They freak me out


Hi Emma :smiley:

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Don’t like it. It’s like clowns


I know you’d secretly love one!

It’s the future…

Or was that garlic bread?

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image https://media.giphy.com/media/ZmSfLROnOWVQk/giphy.gif


See! Peter Kay is 90% Memoji anyway!

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How very dare you :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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