What really grinds your gears?

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Haha that’s exactly what was in my mind when I created it :nerd_face:

(Paul) #84

Middle lane hoggers. It’s dangerous as well as annoying. What’s wrong with the inside lane? You can pootle along there to your hearts content

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #85

Frustrates me too, but have you tried driving in the left lane? Any motorway older than a couple of years has two ruts formed by all of the lorries, and if your car doesn’t fit them you’ll be tramlining all the time.

(Paul) #86

Oh I find the opposite. When wheels are in a rut I can take my hands off the steering wheel and pretend I’m in the future of self driving cars :joy:

(Mark Dunne) #87
  1. People playing music on loud speaker in public places!

  2. Companies making billions in sales and paying minimal tax.

  3. The Boris/Burka row

(Cheryl) #88

I’m so confused, and think I must have annoyed a lot of people without knowing on my recent trip to London. Always stood to the left on escalators so that people could overtake to the right, as you would on the road. Have always done this. Thought it was the done thing! Why are people doing the opposite? Where did that come from?

I tried to write my own response, but realised that there were too many things to list.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #89

Always wondered that myself…:flushed:

(Nick) #90

It’s because most people are right-handed. So standing on the right allows most people to hold the handrail with their dominant hand.

Edit: appears there’s another factor also, as a further bit of Googling unearthed this interesting fact: “escalators used to have a diagonal step-off intended for the right foot first - so standing on the right made sense.”

(Cheryl) #91


I just never picked this piece of information up. It fascinates me how people can just know that you should do this, but I’ve never even heard of it until now.

(Shaun McDonald) #92

Many London Underground escalators have signs stating that you should stand on the right. Other cities/countries have different norms. This one is particularly specific to London.

(Nick) #93

Not to worry, rather than rant and rave at anyone I choose to deeply internalise my annoyance instead, so to outward appearances I’m still affable and friendly. Well, at least until someone asks what grinds my gears :rofl:

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Things that grind my gears…

Slow people. Walking or mentally. I’m not a genius but damn if I don’t work with some people who are just unable to comprehend simple concepts.

Me. I really get on my nerves.

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I just got back from Westfield London, wow that was an experience and a half!

Them people that jump out at you offering free perfume, free food, come play this game, you want Sky mate!?

People that stop dead at the bottom of the escalator then proceed to turn around and get off

People that driver 1 mph around the car park when it is empty

Queuing at the Apple Store

The fact it costs like £8762765252 for a can of coke in the food bit.

The fact that the Smart Parking NEVER works so you have to press the buzzer, then when you ask why it never works they don’t know and just say it could be the number plate?

(Matt) #100

Yeah, that makes sense, it’s more the calling the evening meal ‘Tea’ tbh. Tea is a drink, or there is Afternoon Tea, but its neither the afternoon or are they eating small sandwhiches or scones.


When you ring a company and get put in a call queue and it constantly says “Your call is important to us, a member of our team will answer as soon as possible”. Obviously not that important, or you’d hire more people to answer your calls!

(Paul) #102

People driving forwards into their driveway, and then reversing out into traffic!

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(Nick) #104

On a main or otherwise busy road? I can understand this, to be fair. Because people are such impatient gets, if you try and reverse in they never leave you space to do so. You signal left in good time, slow down in good time, go everything to encourage them to leave a gap - but no, they’re right up behind you regardless. And everyone behind them is also right up behind, so they can reverse to give you room either. Much awkwardness.

Easier all around to drive in without obstruction and then take the hit on reversing out.