What really grinds your gears?

Calling people ‘users’ is unethical and outdated - This sort of stuff really gets on my wick. There’s a whole generation out there trying to rewrite the human race…and for what?


New builds (or anywhere for that matter) that have separate taps in the bathroom instead of mixer taps.

What even is the point in them I mean you just end up burning your hands to bits.


People who eat loudly. For some reason, eating noises really trigger me.


Also when approaching a roundabout, with 6 cars in front at a standstill,and there’s nothing else on the roundabout.and when traffic lights turn green and they sit there.

When someone shows you a crappy video on Facebook but then proceed to explain it to you step by step!!

Dude I am watching the same bloody video as you at the same time!!

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The fact that an ISP can allow a 2 of their services to be off for over 17 hours in this day an age is a joke.

Don’t they have engineers that work 24/7 or redundancy or spares?

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When people break to go well under the limit on seeing a speed camera.

Entitled people. Shouting at nurses because you’ve had to wait for a drop in service or raising hell that you pay our wages so should have red carpet treatment. It’s a free service that’s overstretched, be grateful it’s available at all instead of reducing nurses to tears

end rant. It was one of those days


Just imagine if we did the American system where medical personnel can refuse treatment in cases of abuse.
I really wish the NHS was better managed(all the managers were gutted and their salaries used to hire nurses).
If the UK can set up a wonder class hospital in the middle of the desert(Afghanistan) we should be able to do similar in the UK.

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Just seen this. Relevant.

What a very polite fellow :joy_cat:


People that are on Facebook annoy me.

Recent gripe following a trip… But the road layout of motorway services.

It’s like they gave the job of designing them to someone who has never seen roads, cars, people, or traffic.

Oh hey lets put loads of junctions in with signs that are too small to read.
A one way system that makes no sense
Speed bumps. Everywhere.
No pedestrian foot paths.
and lets probably be digging up half of it for no reason.

But my biggest problem:
Service Station Layout Planner: “Hey Boss how long should we make the slip road for getting back onto the motorway where all the cars are going 70mph?”
Boss: IDK, like 3 metres maybe?


Get a fast 0-60 car. Problem solved

RE speed bumps, people who brake before a speed bump grind my gears. Speed bumps are there to help you to regulate your speed and keep you within the limits, not to speed up between speed bumps and then brake.


People who don’t finish the job they’re doing before starting the next one.

So unorganised and makes loads of mess :exploding_head:


I couldn’t agree more, it’s so unprofessional and just plain anno


Shops that don’t have their opening times displayed in the window. I’m just supposed to use telepathy to know when they are open.

It’s bad for business as well because I will gravitate towards shops that I know will be open when I get there.

EDIT: includes pubs, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers etc. as well.


PEople who are driving on their own but using the two-plus lane to skip traffic. They’d be angry if I started using the bus lanes to get around, why are two-plus lanes any different?!

What’s a two-plus lane? I assume the clue is in the name and it’s a London thing?