What really grinds your gears?

(Jack Oldmeadow) #374
  • People who walk slow/stop in shopping centres (walking proficiency tests needed)
  • Those horrific little calculator card reader things banks give you to log into online banking
  • Messy eaters
  • Slow drivers

(Dan) #375

Okayyyyyy I’ve put this off long enough.

  • BMW drivers
  • Audi drivers
  • Range Rover drivers
  • Shopping trolleys that require a £1 coin
  • When the dishwasher isn’t stacked correctly
  • Slow people in shopping centres (like GTFO of my way!!!)
  • Middle lane hoggers (know how dangerous you’re driving?)
  • People who eat meat yet buy Quorn or vegetarian products
  • Opressors on GTA
  • people who misuse their products then blame companies
  • people who spend all their time moaning about waiting in the queue then when it’s their turn they’re not ready and fumble around for their Costa points card and spend more time inserting their non-Monzo card into the chip and pin reader the WRONG WAY ROUND
  • people who say PIN number
  • people who say ATM machine
  • people who strike a conversation with me

(#savetheseabass) #376

Why? I love quorn and vegetarian food. It’s not just a meat substitute

(Dan) #377

Because there is typically less meat substitutes available compared with meat products.

Since feeding back to my local supermarket I’ve seen an increase in availability of vegetarian products, so it’s less of a gripe these days.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #378

Tell you what grinds my gears. People who are so entitled they think others should GTFO of their way.

Some of those choices look irrationally angry, unless you’re going for lolz. And what’s with decreeing that only certain people are allowed to buy certain things?!


Surely buying more (including purchases by non vegetarians) will result in more supply - and hopefully more choices of food for everyone, regardless of their other dietary habits?

I eat meat, but I tend to eat vegan/vegetarian food for some of the week - partly because I think it’s good for the planet, but mostly because it’s good food and I enjoy it.


The speed of which people walk should be irrelevant… its more how they walk, especially when with others… like in a line of 4 with no way past…

The amount of people that have no awareness of their surroundings astounds me…

No wonder there are so many pickpockets on the go…

(Ravi) #381

Websites in general are getting less and less readable. I find myself increasingly reading mode to get rid of crap on the screen, janky scrolling and text just jumping around everywhere. Cricinfo is the worst offender that I encounter on a regular basis.

(Dan) #382

you grind my gears

(Herp Derp) #383

People from the UK that speak the ‘Queen’s English’ who suddenly think they are American and spell words like mum as mom.


Let’s not forget PAT Test.

(Dan) #385

Had to Google that one, but yes, same principle of annoyance.

(Richard) #386

British newspapers.

(Shreyas Zanpure) #387
  1. Filling appraisal forms when my manager already knows what I did/achieved last year. What it’s really used for is to cherry pick negative points as means to justify lack of promotion. One of the reasons I just IT contracting instead.
  2. That mobile networks can give patch coverage, yet give you no means to terminate your contract on those grounds.
  3. People queuing up in coffee shop yapping away, only to turn up at the till and spend 5 minutes deciding what they want to drink. The menu is right ahead on the wall in front of you!
  4. People who start coppering coins at the till to pay £5 for their lunch. Prepare to wait 5 mins till they get the right combination of pennies.
  5. That banks keep you from accessing your money as cash. I want to withdraw 12k cash for buying a second hand car. Prepare to be asked loads of questions to cover their lack of liquidity.

(Richard) #388

Oh I’ve thought of another one!!!

The media using social media as the source of ‘news’.

There is a football site I have been visiting for 20 odd years and it used to be funny, unique and insightful.

However yesterday I clicked on an article…“Riise rubbishes Ince claim over Utd job”. I was thinking that Riise might have put forward an argument as to why Ince was wrong, validate it etc.

No…the article effectively repeated the original article about Ince’s orignal claims before finishing off with a tweet from Riise.


It really really disappointed me!!

(Herp Derp) #389

The Mirror online love doing this, nearly everything is lifted from Twitter or Facebook

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #390

Or worst when they start posting ‘paid for’ articles that either promote a shitty product or link to a really poorly written article that has a tangible connection to the page.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #391

That’s what happens when everyone wants everything on the net to be free :man_shrugging:


So the Welsh nation grind your gears :joy:


Just got my first ever dishwasher, would you like to educate me on stacking said diswasher as best practive please :wink: