What really grinds your gears?


A private individual can record as much of the public as they want. It’s not illegal

Edit: Those ‘guidelines’ from the surrey fire private company are also dubious to say the least. Rules apply to organistations and even more strenuous ones to public sector organisations but a private individual can record what they like. By all means contact the Police/local council if negotiations with the neighbour fail and they can give some words of advice, but thats all.


By definition.

But you said ‘recording the public is illegal’ - in most cases it very much isn’t. You have no right to privacy in a public place.


Never ever sign up to these sorts of things. If you want to donate go direct via the charity.

I used to work for a company that processed these donation forms, by the time their wages and our charge was factored in it would take the charity about a year of donations just to break even.

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What about people who use “we” when referring to sports teams? I find that really annoying personally.

“Man Utd lost to Liverpool last week”
“Yeah, we’re having a shit season”

Who is this we? Are you on the team? Work for the club?


You’d think so the way some of them talk.

I just don’t get the whole football club adoration thing.

Grown men crying 'cos they lost a game.

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Of all the scenarios to choose, you chose that one. :neutral_face:

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I’m lost.

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Utd losing to Liverpool! Don’t like the thought of that happening. :wink:

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West Ham or Brighton would have been too far fetched



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Lol, got it!

Feel free to replace/amend/alter to any other scenario!

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I’d say it’s more nuanced than simply “you have no right to privacy in a public place”. Every person has the right to a private life, under the European Convention on Human Rights, and this applies even in public places.

There are strict rules owners of CCTV should adhere to, and this includes residential users who wish to protect their own property.

Private owners cannot just “record what they like”, for example, they may commit a criminal offence if they direct their camera to record another’s private property, like a garden.

For the purposes of the conversation, the rules are here.


The ECHR applies solely to public bodies.

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Been going to Asda a bit recently and annoys me no end that they don’t accept contactless Amex or any contactless at all over £30 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Boo! @j06, you deleted as I was replying!

However, consider this, if there are rules around photographing people in public who do not wish to be photographed, how do the paparazzi exist?

Immoral - yes, illegal - no



“It is not illegal to take photographs or video footage in public places unless it is for criminal or terrorist purposes.”

Not nuanced at all. In the UK you have no right to privacy in a public space.

It has been the downfall of many celebrities (who can afford the most expensive lawyers) who expect UK laws to be the same as other countries’ (notably France where AFAIK you do have a right to privacy in public spaces).

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More concerned about me in my pjs in my garden… I do collect pizza from takeaway places in my pjs at my gate.

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@DaveTMG is correct. Although it may be true that pointing a camera permanently at someone or someone’s property could in some circumstances be classed as harassment.

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This always comes up in work and no one seems to know the right one to use!
My grammar is poor on this forum :sweat_smile:
I should read what I type and adjust before posting.


On a similar note, those who use depreciated when they mean deprecated