What really grinds your gears?

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Wasn’t you, it just reminded me that it’s said everywhere :joy:


People referring to animals as it.

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:flushed::flushed: I only called the topic this as a nod to Peter Griffins show :cry:

Yes this! Although it does amuse me when they try and close the gap to prevent you from doing this but it is always plenty for you to do so. The look on their faces :rofl:

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You’ll love this car driver. I always try to make more room for motorbikes if I spot them in time. Some of them even thank me!


I always do if possible, but sometimes with one hand on the clutch and another on the throttle it involves a leg wave that you may or may not see :grinning:


As a consultant I cannot begin to tell you how annoying this is. The way I get around this is to charge such high daily rates I get the last laugh


The company I work for charges the customer, so not an option for me. It’s part of the territory that comes with being a consultant


I used to be there.

It doesn’t always work and the rest of the time high daily rates (circa £750) just keeps the time wasters at bay

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Thank you on behalf of all bikers :kissing_heart:

To be fair most people are courteous to me on my bike and give me plenty of room. I’m very grateful. I’m also blown away with the biker community. Every one that I meet gives me a little nod and fist bumping when sat at lights is ace. One time my chain broke on the motorway and 3 separate bikers stopped to check if I was ok and if there was anything that they could do to help. One even offered to ride home and come back with spares and tools to fix it roadside.

You don’t get any of this being a boring car driver :wink: :laughing:

Anyway, let’s back to ranting!..

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I always watch for a leg wave. :eyes:


A new one for me, the charity beggars/salespeople harassing people for donations (and not just a one-time thing but recurring direct debits). My new workplace seems like nesting grounds for them, there’s always a few camping just outside.

If only charities actually used their money for whatever cause they’re supporting instead of wasting it on advertising & paying salespeople to harass people on the streets.

Does anyone have ideas for dealing with those or wasting their time in passive-aggressive ways? I’m tempted to pitch my own products and try to get a sale every time one of them approaches me.


There are laws about how far they can go. If they are actually standing in your way blocking you, most councils will revoke their licence in response to a complaint.


Politicians acting like children.

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My next door neighbours… From loud music during the day now to cameras in windows (one in back garden so must see our garden) (one in front that can record a primary school I live opposite) they are amazing…

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Report them, recording the public is illegal and even more so I would have thought if they are filming the school

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My favourite neighbour is reporting. They are reported to police and child services already.

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I’d also report it to the school so they can take action


Since when? You just have to follow the rules…https://surreyfire.co.uk/cctv-legislation/

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It’s not a proper system that’s why I am unsure. It’s a webcamera in front window on a book.

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It’s illegal if they are not following the rules is it not?