What really grinds your gears?


My 50 yr old brother would fall into this category. I was at Tesco self serve with him recently, he chose to use chip and pin and then took offense when I questioned why he didnt use contactless… and this is the same guy who thinks nothing of using train tickets via an app on his phone…makes no sense…


For me it’s:

  • The phrase “grind your gears”
  • People who don’t know the difference between bought and brought
  • Use of yourself and myself instead of you and me
  • Customers who pay £1.5k per day (not to me) for consultancy and then ignore it because they think they know better because they read a blog somewhere
  • The same customers who ignored that advice that then call for help as they’ve messed things up big style
  • People who try and stop you filtering on the motorbike as they incorrectly think it’s illegal. It’s a fail on the advanced test if you don’t do it when safe and sensible to do so!
  • People who say “inbox me”. Do they ask Amazon to “hallway floor behind the front door” their parcels?


This jogged my memory… the most obvious one in the world to me…

My name is Brian… not BRAIN!


Yes the customers who know each and spend 10 minutes having a chat, the problem is when they block the shelf so other customers have to interrupt them to get said item. Why not agree to meet for a drink somewhere and have a chat, customers want to do the shop, pay and get home.

(Nick) #237

Worse than blocking the shelf, they’ve stopped diagonally adjacent to an unattended restocking cage, meaning no-one can get past them at all. I’m terribly British and will retreat down the aisle and approach the next one from the other side instead. Unless a hero loudly says “EXCUSE ME” and makes them move out of the way first.


What’s filtering? (Not a motorcyclist).

(#savetheseabass) #239

When they go up the right of a lane of cars in traffic

(Herp Derp) #240

And then proceed to write the same fake sob stories on Trustpilot.


especially when the group is a bunch of Waitrose managers


Very much this…


“pull the trigger”


There are a few of them that wind me up!

  • The (especially American) habit of using I when they should use me because it sounds posher
  • Your/you’re
  • of to mean have
  • etc

Oh dear, I’m a closet grammar nazi!


Aldi managers in this situation would be way more annoying :joy:

Aisles are narrow :wink:


Poor grammar is a bug bear of mine as well. People using affect/effect drives me up the wall.


I’m with you there @glasgow - It really effects me at times.


Me too. Americans getting bring and take the wrong way round is another one.

(Nick) #248

File under weird American quirks:

“Write your senator.”

(Glenn Lewis) #249

People who talk about football teams or bands in the singular and plural tense in the same line.

“Man Utd is playing really well but they have some tough games coming up”

“Coldplay is going on tour, I really want to see them”

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #250

Don’t you mean ‘ect’?

(#savetheseabass) #251

People who use OCD as a casual term to describe liking things done a certain way. It’s not about that and it’s a serious mental health issue :woman_facepalming:


Apologies. I’ll change my post. Just let me know in future if I say anything you take offence to.