What really grinds your gears?

(Hugh Wells) #213

People calling me Hugo. Especially after I sign off with my actual name especially to prompt them :see_no_evil:


Wait, you’re called Hugh?


(Richard Cook) #215

What about “Hugh, yo!” ?

(Richard Riley) #216

Baddum Tish!

(Rachel Raybould) #217

My neighbours playing Jamaican music very loudly everyday no matter what… I just can’t.:sob:

(Tony) #218

You should retaliate with Tragedy by Steps at max volume. That’ll teach em.

(Boris Johnson's Hair Dresser) #219

My neighbours used to play really loud music all the time so I just adjusted my sub and played heavy bass for hours on end, so heavy that glasses would shake in my kitchen etc. so if the sub was up against the wall I have no idea what was happening in there. Needless to say they turned it down a few days later and moved out the next month :joy_cat:

(Andre Borie) #220

I’d like to add another one I experienced today: companies that abuse the “legitimate interest” clause of GDPR. No, just because you have to keep my details on the accounts system for AML/KYC purposes doesn’t mean you also need to keep those details on the spamming system to send me garbage.

I am however retaliating by forwarding all their spam to the DPO’s email address. :smiling_imp:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #221

A new one.

Those salesmen (or women) that stand in supermarket entrances and block you entering so they can ask you “Who your breakdown cover is with” or “Who your energy supplier is”.

I’m just popping in for milk after a long day at work, get out of my way! I don’t want your hard sell when supermarket shopping is stressful enough. Also if you’re resorting to this method of selling it can’t be that good anyway :angry:


I find youngsters are quite terrible at walking 2/3 abreast, they aren’t always aware of what’s around them.

My list

People who don’t take responsibility for the actions they cause.
People who decide to thieve goods from retailers etc.
Drivers who don’t move over when I have a slower moving vehicle coming up so I indicate and he doesn’t move into lane 3 despite it being totally clear meaning I have to brake so I then have to pull in behind the idiot.

(Boris Johnson's Hair Dresser) #223

The Daily Mirror online and their stupid article titles



There’s a name for this Clickbait - It’s not just them so many news sites are just full of these type of titles. There is no actual story or information in these at all.

(Boris Johnson's Hair Dresser) #225

I don’t bother clicking any links on any site if they are like that as it is obvious there will be nothing of value to read.

(It was like that when I got here. ) #226

Never click any headline with a question mark.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #227

Outbrain should be next in the sights for my adblocker.

I feel sorry for the English graduates who have to write all that shit.


Feel free to delete if not appropriate but the amount of posts on this forum about accounts being blocked is really grinding my gears right now…


When a group of people stop in the middle of a supermarket aisle, blocking your path, and they’re too busy chatting to even hear your “excuse me, excuse me” attempts. Either that or they ignore it on purpose. :joy:

Along the same lines, when people suddenly stop on a pavement to look at their phone, with no spacial awareness. Move to the side or keep walking! :joy:

Oh, and people going to the self service checkout around my limited lunch break, very slowly scanning each item into the packing area, and then, only then, deciding to get a bag and very very slowly pack each item away, like they couldn’t have packed it straight into the bag as they scanned! Then using chip and pin just to be extra slow, when I can clearly see the contactless logo on their card.

I see a pattern here :joy:.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #230

Or people who take trolleys through there and constantly get the “unexpected item” error because they’ve had to pyramid all their items on the tiny scales. They should restrict self checkout to 10 items or less.


People who use more than one card at an ATM. It should be about in, get money, out.

I don’t understand what they’re actually doing there with 2 or three different cards

(Michael) #232

My local Asda errors if you add a bag, even after clicking ‘use my own bags’, so it’s easier not too as it takes a lifetime for the cashier helper to come and scan thier pass.

I found Morrison’s even worse, sometimes the cashier helper is also the same person working the service/tobacco counter. I’ve waited 10 minutes before for someone to appear and click approve for some Calpol…