What password manager does everyone use?

Oh right - yeah, that’s pretty hit and miss. Worked OK for a while in Chrome and Safari, then started doing what yours does. 1Password just seems to ignore whatever Google’s putting up on the screen.

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At the moment there is a disparity between services that actually let you sign in with a Passkey vs those that simply let you use it as a form of MFA for now.

And even Microsoft for example that allow both, can only currently be setup via a Windows computer with Hello I think?

So it’s far from a replacement for passwords as it stands, but adoption will follow.

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You set it up as a ‘security key’ in the microsoft account, it used to be under winows hello option, but it was dodgy, my mac didn’t sync the passkey with my iphone if I set it up under the windows hello option

I’ve been testing the Google passkeys and even once set up it always tries to push me to a traditional password authentication, with the passkey only available under other options.

Feels like a real miss, as it’s a lovely process when it works.

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Are you sure about this? I can’t see anything about it in the release notes.

Yep, pretty sure I saw it in the release notes, and also, checking, Watchtower is already moaning at me that there are 6 accounts that I could covert to Passkey.

Edit: just checked on Android, too, and it appears to be there on both platforms in current versions.

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Yes. Passkeys now fully working in the release version of 1Password.

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Ah. It does work but it’s a strange workflow.

A QR code appears on my iPad screen (in Safari), which I need to scan with my phone that then authenticates using the 1Password passkey on my phone.

When using Firefox, the extension on my MacBook Air just automatically logs me in. Apparently the Safari 1Password extension isn’t as capable and it can’t just use 1Password on my iPad.

Am I doing something wrong?

As far as I’m aware, it only asks you to scan a QR code with your phone if the device you’re attempting to create the passkey with doesn’t have biometrics of its own.

That’s been my experience with it anyway. But I presume your iPad would have Touch ID?

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I have FaceID, but it’s hard to imagine an iPad that doesn’t have either of them.