What password manager does everyone use?

Nah, me wither - I use Bitwarden, but I switched from Lastpass after the whole “You have to pay now if you want it on your phone and PC” thing

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It’s all a personal judgement of risk isn’t it really. For me, I used 1Password for years and years, so switching to me would be a pain. I’m not a huge fan of the App for LastPass vs 1Password, and I have never touch wood lost access to it.

However, I understand the risk of losing all my access to passwords, by losing my secret key is worth it for the added security it gives me vs LastPass’ security etc.

Each to their own, and their own risk profiles. :+1: But calling one trash vs another, simply because it has a security (or lack thereof) feature that others find ideal isn’t going to lead to a constructive debate.


I’m going to dry Dashlane for now. It seems to have been easy and simple to set up and switch over to so I’ll see how I get on.

I’m going to move from LastPass Authenticator to 2FAS too this weekend. That looks like a good offering with offline backups

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I have been using 1Password for more than 7 years now. Started using it at work and every company I’ve been at use it and just made it easier to have a personal one as well. I’ve got the family subscription and it works quite well

Just incase people didn’t know if you use 1Password at work and have a personal family subscription then you can get that for free

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I’ve used:

  1. Lastpass
  2. Dashlane
  3. NordLocker (NordVPN password manager)
  4. Bitwarden
  5. KeepassX
  6. 1Password

I am using 1password now :slight_smile:


This is probably in the region of ‘not totally sure but secure enough’. But out of interest, how do you get the passwords onto your phone?

I like to do things the hard way! I use Fastmail for mail, calendar, contacts, notes and online storage. Now the online storage bit is accessed by WebDAV or FTP. So if I need to get a password to my phone, I will store it in Fastmail, then access it via WebDAVNav+ app. The app itself Is FaceID protected, with 2FA. The same method in reverse to save a password from my phone to another device.

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wow that is complex! you could just use a password manager :smiley: but I guess it works for you

Actually, Fastmail and 1Password work well together. You can create masked email addresses (e.g. random_string@fastmail.com or even at your own domain) to register new accounts on websites from within 1Password when you want to protect your main email address.

1Password then talks to Fastmail to create the alias to your main email address using their API.

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this is exactly what I do! works really well, and a little extra privacy never hurts

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Looked at a few of the above. Still sticking with paid Dashlane. Great multi device and 2fa.

LastPass have a similar offer for their business users:

Personally, I have been using a BitWarden Families subscription for the last few years and have been very happy with it.

Had used 1Password previously but there was always some niggle or another which made me jump ship (can’t remember what it was). 1P also seems far too Apple-centric for comfort so in no rush to go back either.

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I’m not sure that remains true. They did start off Apple-only and for a while after its release, the Windows version was very much second class. But they now seem to be completely cross-platform (including Linux) and 1Password 8 was recently released on Windows in advance of Mac.

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Although I’ve primarily been a 1Password user, I’ve recently been looking at Bitwarden again. You can install your own Bitwarden server if you’re not entirely happy about keeping your sensitive information on theirs, but it needs a decently-specced machine to run it on.

Fortunately there’s a compatible docker-based server called Vaultwarden which will run on less powerful hardware (e.g. Raspberry Pi) which I’ve now installed on my Synology DiskStation. It works really well and gives you the vast majority of paid Bitwarden features, even using Bitwarden’s own apps.

You need to have some experience with Docker (or enjoy learning) but the instructions are reasonably easy to follow and I had it all up and running in a few hours. I still think 1Password is slicker, but knowing that the Bitwarden apps are actually talking to a server you built and have full control over largely makes up for that.


I’ve actually just switched from 1Password to Bitwarden (especially now Bitwarden can import 1Password 8 password files). I definitely prefer the Android experience and the Windows experience is nearly on-par.

Plus $10/year is cheaper than $35 and I have the underlying feeling that the 1Password company just doesn’t quite care as much as they used to (plus Bitwarden is open-source and you can run it locally!).


Interesting opinion. Can I ask what makes you feel that way?

I’ve been on 1Password for over 9 years and feel like it’s better than ever. The fact that 1Password 8 is much more feature complete on all platforms is awesome (it was Apple first for far too long).

I recently switched to Fastmail and am loving their integration too. Totally awesome.


The move into promoting Cryptocurrency in February (the “partnership” with Phantom) was the final bit for me - I couldn’t see the “old 1Password inc” doing that - but other things like the $200million investment by Accel and the move to “Subscription cloud only” basis (I liked at least the option of storing things locally/on Dropbox) just edged me towards other options.


For those at the intersection of 1Password, Ryan Reynolds, and Wrexham FC fandom!