What password manager does everyone use?

Do you have the urls setup for each site with the correct subdomain? I find it tends to do the right thing if the currect urls are set for the login.

I work in IT and like to think of myself as pretty tech savvy and am also always keen to get better solutions and have read this this topic, with interest, especially regarding 1Password, which many have been extolling.

I’ve been using a password manager for 3-4 years plus now and I am very glad that I took the plunge.

Like many, I don’t think I really knew how many on line accounts & services I was using and all probably shared 4 or 5 - reasonably strong - passwords. Today, I have just under 200 entries in my password manager, all with unique passwords and all but 5 or 6 have passwords that I have no idea what they are! With my password manager and also using an MFA app in many cases, I am pretty happy, but not complacent, that I am doing a reasonable job with my digital security.

In terms of which app then I have been using Dashlane, which I use on MacOS and iOS across 4 or 5 devices, using mainly Edge (Chromium) and Safari plus apps.

My experience has been great to be honest and would not hesitate in recommending Dashlane to others. I like the seamless syncing across devices, the apps are easy to use and the browser extensions work well, I love the auto login feature which logs you in after selecting an entry as well other features for password generation, auto save and sub domain management.

Based on this topic though I am currently trialling 1Password on all devices to see if it has any significant benefits over Dashlane. I am only a few days into this and am going to persevere for a week or so to see how I get on, before making a decision. So far, then I would say both are very similar and as easy to use with good syncing and extensions etc and I haven’t seen anything significantly better, or worse, but as I say I will persevere.

If I see any obvious benefits of one over the other I’ll report back here, but for now I am still happy to recommend Dashlane as a great password manager.

Thanks to all for their contributions.

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Your situation is very similar to mine and I recently decided to explore other options and see other providers :laughing:

I’ve been testing a few over the last few weeks so before I conclude I’d love to hear your thoughts after trying a few different managers and weighing up the pros and cons.