What music are you listening to at the moment?

One of the best acts I saw last year :heart:


Thanks for posting this. I really liked that.

Another act completely new to me to explore

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Been listening to Apple Music Country lately. Such a chill radio station for easy listening background music so I can stay focused.

But right now, I’ve got this on repeat:

She was the voice of the song in the movie, but puts her own twist on it here. It’s an incredible version. Gives me goosebumps with that note at the end.

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Nice upbeat way to start your day

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Catching up with Top of the Tops 1995 repeats. So many great songs I remember. Blur, Oasis, Echobelly, Pulp, all the obvious ones. And yet the one that hit me out of left field just now is this:

I don’t remember Berri at all. But also, I remember every word of this song. It’s very confusing. Such a good song, but very confusing how I both have no memory of it and also remember it so well!


I seem to be on a roll for discovering old(er) songs that I somehow missed when they were released. Two examples:

Ghost - Mary On A Cross

Live - I Alone


I’ve seen Live, er, live :sweat_smile: At the Electric Ballroom. Two pretty decent albums they did.

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No way! I’m gutted I somehow completely missed them and only discovered them a couple of weeks ago! I’ve added the “essentials” playlist to my up next so I can catch up :laughing:

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I think my own “essentials” playlist for Live would include All Over You, Lightning Crashes, Shit Towne, Waitress, and the complete Secret Samadhi album. :slight_smile:

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Love Live, seen them live twice and they were great. The Secret Samadhi record is excellent.


Oh man what a tune.

Sidenote: Years ago now, what I believed was a tribute act to Midge Ure was playing at a village hall near me. I didn’t bother and BOY WAS THAT A MISTAKE.

Turns out, it was actualyl Midge Ure, playing to about 80 people in the middle of absolutely nowhere.


That’s because apart from this absolute banger, I don’t think they did anything else. At least that I can remember.


Top 10 artist for me


New one for me.

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GOAT :black_heart: This recording gets me every time

I missed seeing him live by a year. Gutted :broken_heart:

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Beyoncé’s take on Jolene. Yay or nay?


It’s a nice rendition. I like it.

It’s a Yay from me.

Loving the fact that Dolly’s in her colab era :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m surprised, I feel like it’s very much a nay. It takes away the vulnerability and the pain that made the original stand out from other similar country songs and made it special.

It turns it into just a track bragging about being a boss bitch and having a great marriage (which as far as I know it isn’t really). It’s also what I seem to have seen from most outlets / on Reddit.