What Monzo IFTTT feature do you want in 2020?

Tldr; not everyone is a Software Engineer. We want to reduce the potential impact of people creating bad automations


Yeah I kinda knew that before i asked but thought might as well put it out there :laughing:

Also understand it would be an uphill battle to ask monzo to develop an easier way for me to move my money out of monzo :laughing:

Especially considering the reduced work force and there is so much still in the pipelines that needs done

But once again thanks for the quick communication, can only commend you for your level of engagement once again :clap:


I suspect this might be a use case for Monzo Plus. I’m here for more automation, in a safe way, from the app (not via IFTTT).

Imagine being able to, for example, schedule the transfer of the contents of a pot to an external account on a regular basis. Or to transfer money on the basis of triggers (e.g. when I’m paid my salary, transfer £100 to this sort code/account number combination).

I don’t think there’s too much risk in that: as long as it’s done in app, avoids code (or pseudo code) and is incredibly clear to the user. So a design challenge, basically. (@hugo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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A Redeem Eating out / Shopping purchases from a pot would be kinda nice

So pay for account options, Insurances, Travel Brakedown, Gadget, proper lounge access, bonus point system for money spent, interest on current account, ability to buy and sell stocks and Crypto Currencies.

Are you confusing IFTTT with Monzo Plus?


No all part of Monzo features IMHO

Ahhh, well IFTTT is a feature itself so what you’ve listed would need to be seperate to it.

What you’ve listed are actually a lot of the things discussed in Monzo Plus which is the paid for version of Monzo that is coming soon. The launch got delayed due to the current pandemic though :-1: . You can read more about it in the below topic :slight_smile:

Also the ability to identify incoming payments (by sort / acc #) then siphon part of that into savings

That’s already on the list:

Anorher vote for the ability to sweep remaining balance to a particular pot on a set date such as payday etc. Surprised this isn’t part of the main app but an IFTTT feature would be a bit of a work around.

Also as these doesnt seem to be a way of getting this from the app itself I would also suggest an option to set notification when balance drops below a set amount would help manage account.

This is already there as part of your monthly budget summary. At the bottom of that screen is a button that allows you to move your remaining balance to a pot.

You’ve blown my mind!

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Can you explain how I get to the screen with this on? I’ve tapped all around Summary and can’t see anything that sounds like this.

An IFTTT-able version would be good though. But most of these things would be solved by having access to Balance data & all transactions being visibile to IFTTT.

At the end of your budget period you will see an item in your main transaction feed called “Spending report”. Tap on it and then scroll to the bottom.

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It’s on the spending report you get at the beginning of each month as long as you have money left over

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As others have mentioned. I get a notification monthly as that’s what I set mine to, so just tap the button to move the remainder into a pot :sunglasses:

Not sure if you can access it anywhere else other than digging through your feed though :thinking:

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Ah thanks all - good to know. Will keep eyes peeled on the 1st.

Ah. That explains it!

I’d love

  1. Support for business accounts.
  2. Support for generating reports/statements.

I basically want to generate an end-of-month report automatically.