What Monzo IFTTT feature do you want in 2020?

POC? Piece of Crap?

What does it mean?

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Proof of Concept. Sorry for the jargon :+1:


Good point. Maybe a prompt can be initiated?

Example - I set up an IFTTT trigger to flash our kitchen lights red when my (amazing) other half spends using our JA. I think it is great when creating it, but we both get a notification that a new IFTTT has been set on the account with an ‘Approve’ or ‘Decline’ choice. Mrs W doesn’t agree that it’s so great, so she declines.

While it is ‘Joint’ and we personally would go over the IFTTT action (and discuss it between ourselves), there may be instances where less ‘joint’ applies. So an approval/rejection step is fair and reasonable?

You made me choke on my coffee :rofl::rofl:


Authority on joint account spending is normally single signature/card/whatever. I wouldn’t see this as requiring any more authority than that really.


I agree with this. Although a notification to both users that an IFTTT application has been set up sounds sensible.

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Does IFTTT communicate this sort of thing to service providers do we know? (Monzo need to know somethings happened if they’re going to notify anyone.)


The only thing that comes to mind is the ‘OAuth’ like authorisation that you can get on certain services. I think I’ve had that happen before with IFTTT, so I assume the connecting service has at least an ability to detect the incoming authorisation request, and could push a notification from there?

Just a quick update here that talking to the legal team has been taking a fair bit longer than I expected… But at the end of the day, we are moving.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you all :heart:


Very cool,

Sounds like a Monzo Plus feature to me, or at least the more advanced options if there’s a way to differentiate.

Hi, thanks for the work you are doing with IFTTT!

Just wondering are you looking into triggers for incoming payments as well?


He posted the list of things they’re going to focus on further up in the topic :slight_smile:

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The existing “Save as you run or cycle with Strava” applet in IFTTT was a brilliant idea.

However, it’s currently setup so that the end user cannot choose the amount of money they wish to reward themselves with. For example, the applet currently saves 10p per 100m run or £1 per 1Km. For people who enjoy running 10Km+ several times a week this is gonna get expensive fast!

My small ask is that you please change the setting within the existing applet so that the end user can set the amount, rather than having it fixed.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work

@theborg take a look at this thread for a solution to that:

Sorry for the delay. Kind of a bummer, but given how many fires we are putting down right now because of everyone’s favourite topic (guess?) this will take a fair while longer now. :fire:

Stay safe and wash your hands!


Thanks @arthur-ceccotti, appreciate you coming on to let us know :+1: Delay is totally understandable.

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