What Monzo IFTTT feature do you want in 2020?

A trigger when a tag gets added to a transaction. Basically I want to be able to add a tag to something, and then do something with that transaction, add it to a spreadsheet or trigger some other action.

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Can you just publish my 3x applet that I’ve been using for a few months? I asked back in June but was told no :frowning: I’ll share the code haha

Definitely joint account support.

One of the features we were really excited about was the IFTTT support, so when joint accounts became available we immediately jumped on it, only to be disappointed when we realised IFTTT was only supported for personal accounts. It’s frustrating seeing answers to questions that say ‘you can do this with IFTTT’ and knowing that actually we can’t as we’re using a joint account.


Merchant related from a pot into my main account.

I have just used IFTTT to set-up that any purchases from Groceries or Transport comes from my “Fuel & Food” pot. And 94.7% of the time, in those categories it is me purchasing my food shopping or fuel, but there might be an Uber in there, a bus etc. Which I wouldn’t want to come from that pot.

If I could set any purchases from Tesco or Shell to come from a pot, that would be perfect.

I’m fairly certain you can specify merchant rather than category in the IFTTT rules?

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I could only see a ‘tax’ type one. Where its set up as “If I spent at KFC, move £x into pot”

Yes, it’s similar to that. Alas, you’re after a very specific recipe, so unless someone has created it already, you’d need to create it yourself. Look at the other IFTTT threads to see how to do this.

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I think this part specifically is not the case - there should be an ingredient for “Amount in Account Currency”, which will effectively be what you pay in GBP, and add simple arithmetic operators too:


Agree it needs income based triggers, but you should be able to adjust it.

Thanks! I’ll find the thread.

I have tried to create it but the ‘that’ part of the recipe gives me an ‘amount’ part. I didn’t realise what the ‘add ingredient’ part did. I’ll have to stop and test on my way home :smiley:

I’ve thought about this with loads of the requests from the support threads but I suppose that Monzo would have to test, maintain and support any additional Applets so its not free to them and the point of IFTTT is a bit about empowering the user not creating extra load on the company.

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I agree.

And I’m also very quick to spot any post that includes ‘just’ for things like this … :wink:

For me, salary sorter needs to work on percentages too.

For people that have a variable amount incoming.

for example, 10% to my bills, 10% to a luxury pot 10% to holiday fund etc.