What Monzo IFTTT feature do you want in 2020?

Not sure IFTTT provides that mechanism

I can tell you there are no plans to put IFTTT features under the “paid for” wall in the foreseeable future.
But that could change, who knows…


Thinking about it, probably the main thing that I could use would be:

  • ‘Pot Balance’ ingredient (associated with pot transfers)

I’d still need to put it in a spreadsheet for later use but the applet would do that so it would probably remove the last bit of manual intervention in my ‘Fuel’ pot management strategy.

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Just a little shoutout to you @arthur-ceccotti for being very open and responsive on this thread :clap:

Whilst not a feature that is/will be massively impactful to me with the exception of the savings challenges I can only applaud your enthusiasm to involve the community which is a breath of fresh air… keep it up :slight_smile:


Hey @arthur-ceccotti

I’ve just received an email from IFTTT announcing their new Embeddable Connections service. They used the below article as a usecase example of how they’ve seamlessly integrated IFTTT services into Quapitals app.

Perhaps this is something Monzo could look at with a view to increasing the number of users who use the service? Improving the flow might help with those who have concerns with using another service as well as those who aren’t very tech savvy :man_shrugging:

Or for someone like me who uses IFTTT a lot, managing my applets (such as savings challenges) within the Monzo app would be awesome :heart_eyes:


Funny you say that. I have a meeting with IFTTT next week about this.


That’s so exciting! Can I conference call in just to listen? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thanks so much for picking this up. Great to know that you’re still willing to handle the advances cases, too. Looking forward to using these features when they arrive!

Joint account support and allow money to be taken direct out of pot instead of main balance then transferred from the pot :wink:

IFTTT can take money in and out of pots directly. It’s passing it outside the boundary of your Monzo account that it won’t be able to do.

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I just had the call with IFTTT. We defined how we will improve our communication & goals going forward and they also pitched IFTTT Connect to us.

TLDR; Connect is a way you can integrate IFTTT within the Monzo native app itself. This would make it much easier for users to setup automations (even if for the first time) without much knowledge/effort, all from within our app. That means users won’t have to even know www.ifttt.com exists. This would definitely drive up our 1.6% engagement.

This is something we will consider, but realistically won’t happen anytime soon.
I will keep you up-to-date.

Let me know if you have any other questions :raised_hands:


Can you set something up so that it takes it direct from a pot @ say 23:50 and transfer to main account?

Yes, although as it’s a web service there’s a bit of leeway required on the timing.

If that’s what you want you can just use a time trigger.

But need it to work on JA pots :wink:

Education of users on the feature is key. I’ve seen far too many comments saying it’s unsafe etc.


That sounds amazing, I definitely took way too long initially just trying to mess about in IFTTT to make my own custom rules, not quite knowing what I was doing initially. But like @TheMullinator mentioned I could see it becoming something people might end up poking live chat about to clarify/ complain, so perhaps a short guide before starting one in-app is in order


Thanks again for the update @arthur-ceccotti :heart:

The million dollar question that I and everyone else will likely want to know now is… when?

Putting aside the all singing and dancing IFTT Connect integration, I assume you’re still wanting to expand the current functionality by adding the features you gathered from our feedback last week? Did you manage to hash anything out with the team or make any plans?

Not looking to hold you to any strict deadlines or anything, just a rough estimation i.e. is this quarter feasible? :-1: :+1:


I’m excited for the expansion of ifttt on Monzo.

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Without making promises, I am working on joint account support right now. I will roll this out slowly (ie. one action/trigger at a time to start with), so you should expect to see some changes over the next few weeks.
Also making it generic enough so that we can have IFTTT support for US accounts in the future (specially for people who have both :us_outlying_islands::uk:)