What makes a good Product Manager?

Hey guys, I’m a product manager that is working on SaaS implementations. I have a big passion for tech and products, but I feel their is a lot of different views on what makes a good product manager.

Is it vision? Design ability? Customer communication? Do you need to be degree educated or be an engineer/programmer. I want your opinion on makes a good product manager.


I’m a Product Manager too :wave:

I’d say;

  • Listening Skills
  • Communication
  • Openness to learn (both the user perspective and the tech detail)
  • Being able to think about of the box
  • Time Management & Organisational skills

Probably loads more but they were the ones I could think of


Relationship building skills.

I work in a tech company as an Operations Manager and interact regularly with our Product team as a stake holder.

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Me three :slight_smile:

Very important for me is stakeholder engagement. Get those involved or who will be involved in product development on board early.


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