What kind of vacation do you enjoy?

What is your favorite type of vacation?


Just done a holiday in France by car. 1 week on Île de Ré off the west coast (bit of beach, bit of city with a trip to La Rochelle, bit of exploring, lots of eating) - 3 nights with friends in Paris, still exploring the city after 40 years - 2 nights complete relaxation in Le Touquet on the way back. Can’t do all beach, but don’t like to be completely knackered by just a city break now. Next year hoping to drive to Helsinki then back via Stockholm.

Just seeing and exploring new places. Hawaii and Japan are on my list, they both seem amazing. I’d love to go to Okinawa. You get Japan and the small tropical island vibe in one.

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I love a good mix of exploring and relaxing, being active in the country I visit and taking in some culture, but also getting to just chill and get away from everyday life. When my husband and I went to Paris, we managed to walk 30km around the city in one day :see_no_evil:

There’s a few places left on my bucket list, namely to tick off Asia and Oceania as the last 2 continents to visit (excl. Antarctica). China, Japan and Australia are definitely places I’d love to go!

My last holiday was cycling in the Netherlands - my honeymoon actually! Even on our days off we still did plenty of exploring. I’ve never been one for the beach holiday or partying.

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Seeing and exploring are a must for me too.

I spent 3 weeks travelling in Japan last year, it certainly won’t disappoint. I could live there I loved it that much :heart:

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Anywhere in Spain - oh, where I happen to be going tomorrow. R-

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I enjoy travel, but it’s always a quandary as to the environmental impact of the flights… so…

We are hoping to do a final ‘big holiday’ before the next phase of our life starts (get a mortgage etc) so… Singapore, Japan, Australia (family), New Zealand (family), San Fran, New York (family)… maybe… I have a pot started…

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I’m definitely one for heading to places to enjoy the culture and just experience a totally different way of life.

I’m heading off to explore SE Asia at the end of Jan and I cannot wait, I’ve heard amazing things from friends who have been and I’m looking forward to seeing it for myself!

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Don’t see the point in going anywhere for less than a month. Like to get a feel for the culture and integrate a bit. Learning at least some of the language is really helpful. Quite different cultures also super interesting.

We go to Spain a lot as it’s warm and dry and the climate really helps my pain levels. We go for about 3 1/2 weeks at a time so’s we’re back in time to order the next lot of prescriptions as our surgery hasn’t hit the 21st century yet and needs everything on paper.

I can’t walk for the first week or so but gradually as the pain level drops I’m able to pootle around a bit to the beach, bars and cafés where we like to sit and soak up the sun and people watch.

I’d love to go to India but I’d need a lot of reassurance about the accessibility. We love Madeira but most of the buses aren’t wheelchair friendly and their kerbs are stupidly high. They’ve started putting ramps in but they’re bloomin’ steep so unless things change I think it’ll be dropping off our go to list which is a shame as we loved to explore on the local buses before I ended up on wheels.

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Are you self-employed? I’d love to spend a month at a time somewhere but, ya know, have bills to pay and stuff too!

Mmm tricky question… Anything active really, I cant sit by a pool, well maybe I could for a day but thats it.

We have two children so need to be out and about or they drive us mad being stuck in the same place for too long. Currently for next year have 4 skiing trips planned, then 2 weeks in the alps in the summer biking / hiking / lake swimming, just being outside.

Currently in the early planning stages of a trip to Morocco :morocco: by train :train2:

Day 1 London :uk: to Paris :fr:. Lunch in Paris. Paris to Barcelona :es: .
Day 2 Barcelona to Algeciras then ferry :ferry: across to Tangier.

Then reverse it after a break in the sun.

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Yes and have been since I finished my degrees. Was a conscious decision which involved a lot of sacrifices and work early on but is definitely worth it for that freedom.

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Good on you. Have done that route hitchhiking and it’s gorgeous. Make sure you get the train down to Fes.

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Staying at home is underrated! I very much rate simply being where I normally live and work, but without the day-to-day distractions that get in the way of you enjoying it.

Unironically, my dream day could be spent in my local coffee shop, Wetherspoons, and cinema without a care in the world.

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Wetherspoons? I’m judging you man, judging hard! Support your local pub!

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The shame! I know.

Substitute in any of my local craft beer emporiums! (I live in Hackney, so not short on choice)

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Sun sea sand and booze usually works nice for a no kids break.

With the kids I like a good beach good evening entertainment a d plenty of activities, places like haven do this pretty well.

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