What is your hobby?

What are your hobbies and interests?


Recently re-entered the world of model railways, after a break of some 50 odd years.




Fishkeeping, a dwindling amount of gaming and coding for me :blush:

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Gadgets, watching boxing and I’d say music is a hobby as I’m always listening to it

I’ve just got into the wonderful world of Fountain Pens.

Just received on of these beauties, and it writes like a dream:



If that hasn’t been a guest publication on Have I Got News For You, it should be


There are many things I like to do, for example, cooking, reading, working out and traveling. I love to plan trips, I can spend many hours on the search for awesome places and destinations. I travel quite often, up to 10 times per year. By the way, if you like to travel too, I can recommend trip planner sites, with its help it’s easy to organize all the details https://travelsites.com/trip-planner/

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Summer: Kite-surfing, paddle boarding. I live 5 mins from the beach.

Winter: Kitesurfing (if I am brave enough) Snowboarding and Skiing.

Basically anything outdoors!

craft beer

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Music - playing piano (badly)
Writing - a novel (badly!)
Playing FIFA.
Walking the dogs (is that a hobby?)

Still this

You forgot:

Monzo Community - Getting most of your posts flagged :rofl: :speak_no_evil:

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That’s not a hobby it’s (now) a challenge - you ornery fool!!

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I was so tempted to flag this :laughing:

Go nuts, it’s not like this place could get any more trigger happy…

Ohhh I said ‘trigger’… FLAG ME!

lol @ that getting flagged

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :wink:

For the record I was joking! Don’t hate on me :sob:

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Got back into walking/hiking this year – recently finished the 250km trail around London (the London Loop) and eyeing the Pennine Way now.

Coincided with getting fit and I now also enjoy running and swimming. I’ve lost 15% of my body mass in the last six months.