What is the best product you've crowdfunded?

(Jason Yau) #1

Anything from Kickstarter, Indiegogo or whatever else.

Aside from Monzo of course.

(Leon) #2

I cheated a little as I have 2.

(James Amey) #3

Star Citizen… But I’m still waiting for the final thing


Anyone pledge to invest in the other shoreditch hipster legends - Grind?

https://www.crowdcube.com/companies/grind/pitches/bL5m5q Only £500 left before it closes.

I pledged £100 to get 10 free cocktails, £30 tax rebate and maybe some future value one day. Seems like a good’un

Edit: oops link doesn’t work now- I guess they got that last £500.

(Max Walker) #5

Not me personally but my dad pledged not an insignificant amount of money a few years ago which went towards building this image

Does that win? :smiley:


You’re steaming ahead :+1:

(Max Walker) #7

I think everyone else should Mind The Gap between the quality of my post and theirs :smiley:

update: I know that was awful

(Mark Edmonds) #8

Best one for me was Yooka-Laylee, loved the rare-revival!


I pledged for Grind and surprised see how quickly it went on to almost dowuble the target

(Simon B) #10

It’s not out yet, but when this Kickstarter launched it was an amazing day for me.

I’ve had the first two games on the Dreamcast ever since they were released and had basically given up hope that this would ever be made, which was made even more frustrating due to the fact that the second game ended with a major reveal. 17 years later it’s finally happening!

(Mark Edmonds) #11

Same! Still have the originals too! I must have checked shenmuedojo for at least every 6 months every year for the past 16 odd years. More back in the early 00’s. Can not wait for it to come out! However I was quite disappointed when Yu said there would be a sequel to it…was painful enough waiting for 3 to finally be announced…


Did anyone manage to get any Revolut or Freetrade shares in their crowdfunding rounds?

I’ve not heard anyone talk about Revolut shares (even on their forums). Surprising as they appear to have risen to at least 10x the value of their first round if I’m not mistaken. If not then maybe their shareholders are mostly imaginary as well. I know they didn’t have any caps on investment so it’s probably a much smaller pool, but there must be some people delighted with their (paper) returns so far?

(Dan) #13

Yeah. I invested in Freetrade, it was only £20 though. Did you invest in them?

(Ben Green) #14

I tried to invest in Monzo and thought of investing in Muzo. Any Muzo owners can verify if they work?

(Matt) #15

I invested in HAV who are working on Airlander 10. It’s had some set backs :grimacing: but if it ever comes to production it could do some very cool and important things!

Recently I invested recycling technologies who extract the chemical out of used plastic to make more plastic!

Skipping rock labs who created Ooho, which is basically water inside a membrane to try stop the use of plastic bottles initially.



I missed that one. By the time I’d heard of Freetrade the round had already been and gone.

That’s something I’d definitely be behind though. It seems like they have caught the imagination of a whole bunch of people who have been sidelined by the market. There is no stockbroker I know of that has a good user experience and I have high hopes for them Monzoing that market :smiley:

(Frank) #17

I invested in recycling technologies too :+1:t2:

I was also tempted with this one:

But struggling to see what they are bringing to it :man_shrugging:t2: Then someone linked to this:


I met a guy who claimed that one of his mates made a good living spinning off fake Kickstarter etc companies. He would use cheap Indian staff to build the pitch then go bankrupt soon after.

No idea how true it is but it sounded plausible.

(Peter McDonald) #19

I have backed quite a lot but my favourite is an ongoing magazine and series of books. it stemmed from a website but great quality:


I’ve done loads of stuff through CrowdCube. Chirp.io is a particular favourite…along with Taste Cocktails. Under their ilovegin.com brand, they do two miniature gins and two tonics a month for £14. Awesome! I’ll put a referral over in the referral thread if anyone wants a fiver off…