"What if?" FAQ

I know we have a help section and the community but I was wondering if somebody from Mozno with the help of Coral Crew could create a What if FAQ.

What I mean by that is what should/can be done when we find ourselves in worst-case situations like:

  1. Phone is lost/broken/unusable
  2. Card is lost/broken
  3. Both 1 and 2 occur

In each of those cases I would like to have a backup/emergency plan how to access the money, transfer it, block it etc.

Right now what is stopping me from moving all my money to Monzo is - I lose my phone/it stops working and my card as well, how can I quickly transfer money to the empty Lloyds account in order to not be left without money?

As of this moment internet access + another device allows me to block a card if the card is lost but that’s about it. I would like to know whether customer service is allowed to perform a transfer to different account for example?


I think this would be helpful for those nervous about a ‘app based bank’, it’s great that people could explain to people. But having a clear breakdown from the bank would be comforting.