What has happened to customer service?

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Trawling twitter for posts where people are upset about Monzo customer support, is it?

Get a grip, fella.


Beautiful collection of tweets for a bit of Sunday afternoon pot stirring. I’d focus on my roast instead, it’s clear from your post history you’re here with an agenda


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Can you add the 10000+ happy tweets pls


It’s what happens when you have an agenda and too much free time


@chris.monzo It’s widely known that there are some problems with Monzo’s customer service. I’ve not had problems when I’ve needed it.

I’ve seen in some recent messages over the last couple of days to Monzo on Twitter that people have been able to get through on the phones. Odd you’ve not included those, nor have you yourself tried to get through.

Sure you’re just here with an agenda that doesn’t align with listening to other customer’s experiences, or understanding that this isn’t really the place to persistently grind the odd axe you have to grind.

You don’t even have an account anymore do you?


We can all find tweets to suit our agenda:

Negative for NatWest

Negative for HSBC

Negative for Santander

People are more likely to take to Twitter when something bad happens. Like the 0800 How’s My Driving. People rarely call to say “AMAZING!”

I know Customer Service can be improved and wait times reduced but during the Pandemic I am prepared to cut ALL companies a little slack. Staff may be off sick or isolating for prolonged periods of time and that is hard to predict…

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@chris.monzo, thanks for your contribution but I don’t think this is going anywhere constructive.