What happens when a customer support member goes 'away'?

The reason I ask is I made an unimportant support request earlier which took a while to be answered, I was asked to confirm my ID which I did and then the support member went away. Does my request get passed on? Am I waiting indefinitely for her to come back or should I put the request through again?

Seems a bit strange that this kind of thing would happen. I wouldn’t be happy if my traditional bank put me on hold mid conversation and never came back :joy:

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If you message one of our support staff and they’re set as away, your conversation gets put in a pool for others in the team to pick up. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Rika. I believe I messaged her and then she went away so should I send another message in that chat or will it still have gone into the pool?

If you’ve been waiting a while maybe just ask for an update in the same chat. Someone will pick it up I’d imagine.

This caused an issue for me a while back. I don’t believe it’s picked up until you send another message! I waited over 24 hours for a reply as the person I relied to had finished his shift.

I’m the other end of the spectrum. I logged a Support request and was helped. Told the agent that was everything and said goodbye and a few hours later another member of the team messaged me and asked if everything was still okay and did I need anything :joy:

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