What games do you play?

What are your favorite games?

Fortnite… oh.


Leap frog

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Anything by Naughty Dog: Uncharted series, The Last of Us.

Most things by RGG (Ryu Ga Gotoku) Studios: All Yakuza games, might check out Judgement as well.

And my favorite game series of all time - Shenmue! Shenmue 3 finally coming out next month, 18 years after Shenmue 2 was released!


I play blackjack online only when I have free time and I am bored. This is the one game I actually play sometimes. Of course, I played many video games in my teenages but now I don’t have time for it.

Only game I’ve seriously played in the last 6 months or so has been Zelda for the Switch.

Nothing more theraputic than taking out my stress on some unsuspecting bokoblins…

That said I have just picked up the Last of Us, but haven’t got round to playing it yet.


Do it, do it, do it! It’s honestly life changing. Absolutely stellar experience, probably the most engaging storyline (for me) since Shenmue.


If you don’t have the Taskmaster board game then do yourself a favour. We played this as a family recently and had the best time possible. Really very funny.

Also, if you haven’t bought an “escape room game” off Amazon then I recommend it. We’ve had a few and they are really fun. Surprisingly stressful and similar to the real thing. Highly recommended.

Two words……. Dobble

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That’s what I keep hearing! I’m genuinely worried about the time investment in games these days.

I got hold of Unchartered 4 a while back, and must have literally lost a weekend to it :confused:

I’m planning to get it as a family present for Christmas

Red Dead 1 & 2; Half Life 2; Euro Truck Simulator 2. :grinning:

Almost forgot! Also binging Untitled Goose Game a little which is GREAT HONKING FUN.

Even had a homage made


Playing Skyrim again. Being that I’ll most likely be in my 40s before the new Elder Scrolls comes out I will be milking this one from time to time.

Really hoping that Skywind completes at some point!

I cannot wait for part 2! They apparently have a release date now…

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Mostly Apex at the moment

Mind games, usually.

At Christmas, Articulate and Trivial Pursuits (somewhat a family tradition).

Husband has recently got us into small card and table games like Codenames, Munchkin, The Mind, Arboretum & Loveletters. Nice and easy to set up and play while dealing with a 4 month old :joy:

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Ahh Codenames - I was introduced to that this summer. Great fun game, though I’m not a good thing-linker it seems…

If you like card games - I thoroughly enjoy Saboteur. It’s the fastest way to fall out with friends and family! . It’s a really fun relaxing and enjoyable game!

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Oh I’m the same, terrible at thinking laterally :joy: we might get one or two of the expansions (hubby has his eye on the Marvel one) and see if that makes things any better haha!

Saboteur looks good! Games where you have to deceive other players are so much fun. Flux is also great, given that you’ll pretty much never play the same game twice.

FIFA but mainly Pro Clubs