What films do you recommend?

Absolutely love The Revenant. The soundtrack is one of my favourites.

Going to watch Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes tonight.

I think the reboot trilogy is criminally underrated. IMO it’s right up there amongst the very best trilogies.

Hoping that Kingdom maintains the high bar.

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Watched this tonight

Definitely recommend for anyone who likes Bob Marley music

40 minutes into Godzilla X Kong and I’m just not sure :thinking:

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It’s by far the weakest Monsterverse film, I enjoyed it for what it is though.

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I didn’t finish it, not sure if I’ll go back to it either.

Watched Abigail this weekend and loved it :clap: :bat: :garlic: :coffin:

Great cast and a lot of laughs.


It was a good film but can’t help but feel like the whole plot was spoiled by the trailers lol.

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That was a great trailer

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I usually don’t like horror movies, but that seems okay

There’s a little bit more to it than the trailers but yeah I normally watch a small fraction of a trailer nowaways for that reasons.

It’s heavy on the comedic side but a fair bit of gore :drop_of_blood:

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There is for sure but when I watched it I’d have liked the fact she is a vampire to have been a reveal in the film, but I get why it’s in the trailer.

I don’t usually watch trailers at all but I saw the one for Abigail unintentionally lol.

I feel like that’s the case with a lot of films these days.

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It’s why I don’t purposely watch trailers if I can avoid it, if a film I want to see is coming out I’ll watch it regardless.

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My favourite trailers are the ones that advertise an action-packed thrilling extravaganza, which when you watch it turns out to be two hours of plodding drama and five minutes of all the actions from the trailer. :unamused:

Better than the ones where some big name actor is the key presence in the trailer that you’d think them the main character, but their scenes in the trailer are their only scenes they have in the film and they were actually just a cameo?

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So like Drew Barrymore in Scream lol.


Back when films used to be on VHS, I did once return one for a refund because the actor on the cover and the reason I bought the film was only in it for two minutes, if that :laughing:

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Netflix do that for cover shows sometimes and it winds me up. I’m guessing it’s algorithms trying to appeal to your interests.

Designated Survivor is the one that comes to mind, because I’ve seen it all. But they’ve used minor characters who are barely in the show on the poster art.

Apple TV did similar with Invasion and Sam Neil. He was dominant in the marketing materials for that show and dead before the end of episode one, never to be seen again.

This is why I religiously avoid trailers for everything.

Also has the side benefit of just being able to be pleasantly surprised about where a movie takes me.

Read this last week and was happy I managed to avoid it before my viewing.

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