What films do you recommend?

Wait there is a show now?!?
Oh Ripley is the same premise.

Very disappointed with Ripley, I’ve watched five episodes so far and there’s still no alien.


Damned with faint praise. It was really awful, but entertaining.

Rebel Moon 2 looks worse. I’m two minutes in and already rolling my eyes at the voiceover and the seventies style rope-lights-as-tech.

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Funnily enough I took Rebel Moon 2 off my watchlist this morning, the first was so bad I see no reason to bother.


Don’t tell Dune 2 that I was gonna watch that but decided I was a bit sleepy and Rebel Moon would do instead.

In fact don’t tell anyone.

After watching Dune 1 I haven’t had the motivation to watch Dune 2 yet. :sweat_smile:

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Same, it was drab.

My friend watched 2 last night and said it was great, but he likes drab stuff :joy:

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Dune 2 - am I right thinking this was better than the first film?

By far. But by design too - it’s a progression of the story.

Part 1 - character introduction & growth


I read the books before I saw the 1984 interpretation* so I have a certain mental image of what they should’ve been in a film. But Denis Villeneuve captured my mental image perfectly.

Although… the 1984 version still has a lasting impression - there are only (IMO) 2 sci-fi films that have a unique visual signature - Dune (1984) and Flash Gordon (1980) - Flash being the most visual film ever. Both in the days where FX were imagined & created properly rather than CGI


Maybe. I found it to be a drag. Wasted too much time on needless exposition and cut a lot of important context that was required to follow the plot or connect with the characters the way I did in the first film. Exciting and interesting characters which had depth in the first film, lost it all and fell flat in this one, becoming 1 dimensional disposable plot devices. Not as friendly as the first film for none book readers. I don’t think I understood why most of what was happening was happening, or even what was actually happening. It felt like 2 hours of no context montage (except for the stuff happening with the baddies) and then 45 minutes of actual plot. Only I had no idea why or what caused that plot stuff to kick off.

Having rewatched the first recently, I think they could have probably done it all in a single movie and be better for it. But at least the slow filler parts in the first movie were important for plot context so I could follow.

If I had to rate them, Dune 1 was excellent. 9/10, probably. Dune 2 was just dreadfully executed. Probably 2/10. Had the context I got from YouTube afterwards actually been in the film, I’d probably have ranked it similarly. The action was better though.

I think that’s killed the franchise for me though and I’ll probably skip the third when it comes out. I shouldn’t need the prior context of already knowing what happens (and crucially why and how) just to follow the plot of a film adaptation. A shame because Legendary Pictures have always pumped out consistently good stuff for me.

Surely I can’t be the only person left feeling that way?

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These were great!

I’ve never read a book, never mind this book.

I don’t remember much from the first movie, just seemed very slow and not much to take in (possibly wasn’t paying great attention if it’s slow pace).

They got some gut riding those sandworms though :melting_face:

Also, a certain death near the end… I expected it to be a little more drawn out than a knife to the throat given the character :flushed:

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The ending I thought was executed very well, actually. Reminded me of the viper vs the mountain from game of thrones. Had the same tension.

I’m just not sure I cared for it. I don’t even know how we even got there. Or why certain characters were acting the way they were.

Rebecca Ferguson carried it, and she was dealt an awful hand, so I have to commend her as an actor for that. Zendaya was completely and utterly wasted. They did her dirty after building her up in the first film, and the intrigue after introducing her at the end. Wasted potential there.

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Rebel Moon 2 - starting off as dry as the desert from Dune :yawning_face:


It could be worse, you could be watching the latest Godzilla, it was very meh imo.
Sadly even the kids forgot they had been to see it which was the whole point.

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Definitely a current run of questionable released films.

I want to watch Dune 2, but defo not when it’s £19.99 to buy & in a week or two it’ll be half that :joy:

I saw it at the cinema and this sums it up nicely.

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I’m hoping it’ll be less gruelling at home :joy:

You’ll have a pause button.

To be fair, I did enjoy the film - it’s just the ending that’s the problem. It’s too far from the beginning.


I loved both the Dune films. Great cinema peices, among my favourite hans zimmer scores of all time (which is saying something), good performances, flawless visual style - I thought the way they did Geidi Prime was especially stunning, and the first worm ride might be the best thing I’ve seen in an IMAX. 10/10 for both movies from me!


It was, but I didn’t really understand or appreciate it until I went onto YouTube after and it was explained. The film had zero context for it.

And this was much the same too. I didn’t really understand why or what was happening so it just fell flat.

I can only surmise, given the context I got from YouTube afterwards, it’s because I didn’t read the books. So I didn’t have that prior knowledge to fill in the context that was missing from the film myself in order to decrypt and follow the plot. I just couldn’t follow the plot of the film to the point it felt like there was no plot. Just cool stuff happening because…

That’s not a problem I had with the first film. And it’s really deterred me from the franchise.