What films do you recommend?

This is the point where I would’ve cried and written the whole night off as a total loss (and missed out on a refund). :grimacing:


Tbf the pizza was top tier


I see the Scottish drink!


No. 3 should cost extra!

I don’t watch trailers due to spoilers and time my entrance for 25 mins after the “start” time.

I’d say you were saved by the bell from sitting through the movie at the front row of an imax!

Went to see interstellar at the Glasgow science centre IMAX a few weeks ago, was excellent. Have seen the movie so may times but unfortunately missed it at the cinema when it was released.

I saw this line and instantly scrolled back up as I spotted no spoiler tags :smiley: that’s knowing what will be happening as well.

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Front row ending with a refund and pizza sounds like you got off lightly!

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Just watched ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’, thought it was fantastic. Worth a watch.


Managed to catch The Holdovers whilst it was back in the cinema for Oscar season.

Just a delightful Christmas movie. Instant classic.

Dune 2 tomorrow!


I’m really keen to see The Holdovers especially with all the award buzz attached.

Unsure if anywhere is showing it nearby but it’s on the list.

:information_source: Is anyone else using Letterboxd?

It’s just a really well done film, that’s super evocative of old school movie making. I don’t personally think it’s Oscar winning but I did really like it.

Cineworld are currently showing Oscar movies this week, so you may be able to catch it locally. Each one has one showing at my local. I’m going to see Anatomy of a Fall on Friday and Poor Things on Sunday.


yep: ‎Michael’s profile • Letterboxd

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Good to know! The Cineworld in Glasgow is a bit smelly at times but might need to brave it.

I’ve only reviewed one film so far but like the UI of the app.

That’s unfortunate. I’m lucky that ours is new and lovely.

I’d very likely only go to see the real blockbusters if I only had the option of our 30 year old Vue.

I am, I’ve been putting everything I’ve watched through there for a good few years now. I even pay for it; turns out once you lock in a Black Friday price it will renew at that discount every year. For me, it’s worth it for the stats alone.

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Caught Dune last night and have somewhat mixed feelings.

It’s truly unsurpassed as a visual and technical tour de force. Just spectacular scene after spectacular scene. I’m fairly sure it’s the first movie I’ve seen shot entirely in IMAX. I was keeping an eye out but didn’t notice any aspect changes.

From a story POV, I wasn’t quite as convinced. There’s just so much plot to get through that events kind of rush by. It’s also super hard to get a sense of how much time is going by as events unfold. I also just felt like the movie lacked stakes, and real narrative tension.

Definitely need a second viewing to digest my thoughts.


The Lift - Netflix.

Not a bad film, wasn’t sure at first but maintained steady flow and kept me interested throughout.

Austin Powers.


Love it, groovy baby yeah!