What films do you recommend?

I enjoyed the gray man too, easy to watch and just enjoy the action. Very Ryan Reynolds, kept expecting him to pop up somewhere.


It won’t be everyone’s cuppa tea I know, but I watched Sing for the first time the other week and thoroughly enjoyed it! :joy: :see_no_evil:

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If you liked the original, you’ll enjoy the sequel too :man_dancing:t6:

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The party rings are in, ready for a wild Saturday night in watching Sing 2!

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Really? I just watched this and thoroughly enjoyed it! Most of these types of films are mediocre but this one was pretty great to me! Hoping for a sequel/prequel for more context it had me that interested.

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I really enjoyed Nope too. I always love Jordan Peele though, but wasn’t at all disappointed by this one.


Wasn’t for me :sweat_smile:

Just finished watching Fall, wasn’t too bad, passed a couple of hours at work in-between meetings :joy:


:eyes: looks like it has potential

I half watched Sing 2 and it felt a bit poor in comparison to the first which is ace.

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Worth mentioning if anyone interested in wanting to get access to Sky Cinema films (~1,000) there’s a deal on atm

Bear in mind you’ll need to add their cheeky boost £5 package to avoid 2min ads at the start of films and for 1080p

Potentially you could spend a fiver and watch the latest Matrix / Spiderman etc in the free boosted week and cancel :wink:

I agree, I watched Sing 2 and did feel a bit underwhelmed after loving the first one.

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This looks really good, partly because I am geekily interested in transmitters! :joy: :see_no_evil:

I can’t find it on any of the streaming services though. :cry:

Could always join @DaveJ’s crew and sailed the seven seas. :wink: then you could watch it.

Surprised it’s not rentable yet given that it’s no longer showing in cinemas.


Yeah likely have to wait a good few months before it’s available to just stream off a legal platform :sweat_smile:

I watched Nope again the other day, then looked at how much that would cost to watch as a one off, I’m sure it was £15 :face_with_monocle: like wow stuff like that to stream which is brand new is so much. No wonder some people just decide to :skull_and_crossbones:

An now all the studios are getting greedy and setting up streaming service after service, that doesn’t help them in the long run.