What films do you recommend?

Going to see the black phone tomorrow … looks not too bad


Finally gotten round to watching the latest Jurassic Park whilst I’ve been working, well I’m on the last 45 mins or so.

So far so good, I’m enjoying it, it’s not as far fetched as I thought it was gonna be with dinosaurs roaming the earth

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Incredible day for films on the BBC tomorrow, with BBC2 showing not just DARK VICTORY but also NOW, VOYAGER in the afternoon, and BBC1 showing FAR FROM HOME at night. Something for everyone!

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Two things for everyone!

Plus a marvel film

Bobs burgers movie later

Edited as didn’t clock what topic it was


I don’t think you can beat Sister Act 2, my personal favourite of all time. But realise that’s probably not everyone’s taste! :joy:

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This! :heart_eyes:

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Do I sense there’s someone else that shares my love for Sister Mary Patrick and her trusty roll of electrical tape?!

Haha it’s just an epic all time fave.

Just like Shrek as my go to cheer me up movie. :sweat_smile:

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The Shrek Karaoke Dance Party at the end is fab!

Short Circuit 2 is another one of my faves! I’m showing my age now!

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Thor Love and Thunder went too hard on the comedy and ultimately made it distracting.

It was good fun but overall a below average MCU movie.

Right now it’s hard to see where Phase 4 is going. Beyond the multiverse I can’t see much tying all these movies tighter.

Also finally watched Hidden Figures, which was brilliant.

Nice mix of the space race and civil rights issues.

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Other half is normally on the ball with marvel movies; day 1 or close enough, but this one he’s not been bothered about so I’m guessing the general consensus is a no :worried:

Hidden Figures is one of my favourite movies. Really showcases the very best of Taraji’s talent. Been one of my favourite actors since Detective Carter in Person of Interest.

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A lot of people I know have been really put off by the fact the film includes a gratuitous fridging.

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I had to google this, but oh.

He’s still pushing to go see it and I cba :joy:

Edit: we are seeing it at 4:40pm today. :worried:

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That was particularly bad in this movie I agree