What features would you like on Monzo digital receipts in 2020?

As you probably know we support submission of digital receipts from developers (and, in the case of Flux, selected companies).

This is what you end up seeing on the app after a purchase on supported merchants.

What would you like to see out of Monzo digital receipts in 2020? (besides better merchant support!)

I’d really like to be able to assign items to a person during bill splitting or adding to a shared tab. Often I pay for something at kfc for example with my family, and have to add things up myself, but if I could just say “I pay for x and they pay for y” that would be awesome


Is there any reason why the majority of nationwide merchants have yet to integrate with digital receipts? I see some chains like KFC/Just Eat etc which are great but normally the rest are either London based or smaller companies with only a few outlets around the UK. I’d really want to see companies like supermarkets join for this to be useful (having some digital and some physical receipts would imo be a bit annoying)


Yeah this. Somehow using the receipt data to automate/help determine bill splits or tab entries would be the main aim for me

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This is something I am really excited about. Keep an eye out :eyes:
It is a bit hard with the current list of supported merchants, but it is definitely a nice mid-term feature


An easy way for non-techies to add their own receipts to transactions!

And also OCR for paper receipts would be amazing.


This is kinda off topic but I’d love email integration so that receipts sent to email would link with transactions in Monzo. I realise this is somewhat possible with third party app already but a direct integration would be great. Oh and OCR of physical receipts - I’d pay premium for that!

I’ve only had a few digital receipts through flux so far but it would be nice to have some formatting that clearly identifies/separates things like discounts, delivery charges.


Yeah the UX looks a bit first iteration (probably because it is…) but tidying it up, making it look like the rest of the app, having clear transaction lines (and, in the example above, better capitalisation) all helps!

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I’m still waiting for a large supermarket to link in with flux - I think with that sorta transactional data you could do cool stuff with nutritional data and deeper insights into ‘groceries’ spending.


I’d like the items on the receipts to be searchable.


Hopefully this is a simple one and quick to sort out, but I’d really like to see line wrapping so it’s possible to actually read the receipt. On smaller screens, many receipts are useless because the items are all truncated. I’d go so far as to say that the current implementation is broken. :grimacing:


Be able to change the category for a single item. E.g. i buy a DVD from the supermarket I should be able categorise the transaction as groceries except that item which is entertainment.


Or even the ability to split a receipt into multiple transactions

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It’s something Tom has mentioned, but would be nice to get those food related ones to link to stuff like MyFitnessPal, just adds a level of usefulness that isn’t there now. oh and being able to print/get them out of the app for expenses purposes



I would like to see supermarkets integrated which will be great on keeping tabs on what you spend on food shopping

I’m not a fan of paywalling features, but I think this might be genuinely something that a paid for Monzo account could offer.

(I’ve said it before, but a separate app / website to set up the email automation, so the main app is unadulterated and free, please!)

So I’ve just been on holiday :airplane: (it was great, thanks :raised_hands:) and my friends and I had a shared tab (obvs). I was out of pocket at the end so the others settled up with me.

So here’s my idea: it’d be super useful to use the receipts functionality to see the details of a tab (i.e. am the transactions that took place to make it) as line items that you get on receipts.

(Might be a bit niche / not as easy as I’m imagining it).


Quite a few requests here on the forum from my work on Unfurler - Email Receipts in Monzo

  • Word wrapping partiy issue needs resolving (raised further above too)
  • Receipts that work on credit transactions too (Refunds, Salary, etc)
  • Call to Action buttons on receipts and/or individual items for further depth (Extra product information etc)

The things that would be meaningful for me, is integration with more varied and wider vendors, especially ‘big ticket’ item ones. Flights, trains, etc - useful - and they could link to my actual ticket.

As it stands the vendors that you can do this with, I generally don’t really need/care about the receipt for.

If there was wider integration, I’d also love then to directly export said receipt to somewhere like Concur/Expensify for work expenses.

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