What features in a Monzo app would you be willing to pay for?

Because none of the links you posted can insure two Pixels and an iPhone for £13/month. That’s what I get with FlexPlus.

The quality of the banks insurance is generally very good and from a very reputable provider.

A lot of these insurers for single devices don’t have the best terms or service. I’m sure I used protect my bubble or similar years back and I had to pay the entire premium for the year before they’d start working on a claim (instead of being monthly)

I just had a look at FlexPlus because this sounds very good and read this:


Yes, even with the changes factored in, you can’t beat it for value.

Pay for features? You’d be better concentrating on providing a basic app experience for all customers first. The failed roll out of the updated app and useless customer service is enough to make me wary of ‘paid features’.

In credit interest gone (was 3%) and total phone value £1500.

I would have switched for what FlexPlus offered before, but with the above changes coming into effect November 1, still good value?

Can any other product beat that?

We have 2 iPhones in our household and the 3% interest would have been a bonus.

£1500 phone value doesn’t cover both phones (or your 3 phones) but likelihood of both phones needing insurance at the same time is very small.

I think you may be misunderstanding this limit. It’s 1500 per claim, per device. If you had two phones worth 1500 each they’d both be covered at the same time as each device will have it’s own claim if you do need to make one.

For iPhone’s its especially good value as their insurance provider now don’t even try to repair iPhone’s you’re just given an Apple-certified refurbished/reconditioned one and your own phone will go off to receive the same treatment and be back out to someone else later on.

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That is bloody good then!

I read it as total phone value limit and not per phone.

As much as it’s not modular as everyone goes on about, the bundles really do pack a lot of value in if you’re going to use them all.

For 2 iPhone’s I don’t think I’ve ever found a separate provider that’s cheaper / better.

Yeah, as @TTJJ said, that’s the per device limit. I’ve averaged one claim a year, occasionally two claims. My daughter seemingly can’t avoid breaking her iPhone screen and my wife managed to run over her Pixel in her car once :joy:


I knocked my iPad Air off the kitchen work surface just before Christmas (using for recipe) and it was replaced with no problems.


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In what world would this ever be cheaper than just sourcing it yourself?

In this current world. You can insure your households phones for £13 via a bank already. Can you source somewhere cheaper?

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If that’s true it’s a loss leader and you’re paying elsewhere.

I didn’t realise the goalposts were going to be moved. The account offering it is mentioned here on a daily basis - today about 12 posts up.

I thought my point was clear. If Monzo offer something at below the market rate you’re going to be subsidising it elsewhere.

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I understand your point just fine. You claimed something, I demonstrated you were incorrect, you moved the goalposts.

Flexplus comes up on here over and over. Of course it is a loss leader, nobody said otherwise. There is nothing wrong with loss leaders if there is a pay off elsewhere.

It’s probably not a loss leader given how many policies are. If it was a single person who had it then sure it would be loss making but that’s not how insurance works.

Or you misunderstood my use of the word “cost”.