What does Monzo premium / value add mean to you?

(Spencer Luxford) #183

I would love to be able to chose premium cards that are NOT Hot Coral! I also quite like the N26 Metal cards, not sure how practical they are but would love to see one.

(Richard) #184

Would love to but can’t do the only available slot left :frowning:

(Jordan Taylor) #185

Looks like I missed out, but if there’s any drop-outs, please give me a shout.
I’ve had my salary paid in since May this year and my boss pays via faster payments rather than BACs credit, if that makes any difference.

(Brenton Hill) #187

I was just on my company discount portal and noticed that they offered a top up visa card which you can get cash back from partnered shops automatically. It would be amazing if Monzo partnered with shops (obviously the more the better) to offer a similar service.

Here is the list just for interests sake:

  • American Golf - 7%
  • Argos - 6%
  • ASDA - 3%
  • ASK Italian - 8%
  • B&Q - 5%
  • Belgo - 8%
  • Bella Italia - 8%
  • Boots - 7%
  • Burton - 7%
  • Cafe Rouge - 8%
  • Caffe Nero - 8%
  • Carpetright - 7%
  • Clarks - 8%
  • Cycle Republic - 8%
  • Debenhams - 8%
  • Dorothy Perkins - 7%
  • Ernest Jones - 8%
  • Evans - 7%
  • FeelUnique - 8%
  • GAP - 8%
  • Goldsmiths - 10%
  • H. Samuel - 8%
  • Halfords - 8%
  • Intrepid Travel - 8%
  • Laithwaites - 7%
  • Leslie Davis - 8%
  • Mappin & Webb - 10%
  • Marks & Spencer - 5%
  • Miss Selfridge - 7%
  • Moss Bros - 8%
  • Mothercare - 7%
  • National Express - 7%
  • New Look - 8%
  • Office Outlet - 6%
  • Outfit - 7%
  • P&MM Travel Ltd - 5%
  • Papa Johns - 7%
  • Pizza Hut - 8%
  • Pizzaexpress - 8%
  • River Island - 7%
  • Sainsbury’s - 4%
  • TGI Fridays - 8%
  • The Body Shop - 6%
  • The White Company - 7%
  • Thorntons - 8%
  • Topman - 7%
  • Topshop - 7%
  • Virgin Experience - 15%
  • Wallis - 7%
  • Waterstones - 8%
  • Wilko 6 %
  • Wyevale Garden Centres - 8%
  • YO SUSHI - 8%
  • Zizzi - 8%

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #188

Woah I should’ve been more on the ball :joy: Been getting my Salary paid into Monzo since August 2017 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know I’ve missed the slots but are you able to share what you’re after from these calls? :slight_smile: It’d be interesting to see what kind of information you’re after :grin: it’d probably kick off some cool conversations in this thread :tada:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #189

I echo what @nexusmaniac said. I’ve had my salary paid into my account for a long time too and would love to get involved :slight_smile:

(Jordan) #190

+1 here as well I just couldn’t make any times :sleepy:


Sorry Richard, the slots tend to go pretty quickly. There will be more opportunities in the future, though :blush:


Sorry, Jordan! I’ll be in touch if more opportunities crop up.


Maybe think out of the box, and find stuff that would be useful, rather than copy what is already there.

  • Gadget insurance - rather than mobile insurance, how about cover for all my tech, iPad, iPhone, game console

  • Gym discount

  • deliverroo/ ubereats/ just eat vouchers


Hey Marcus, thanks so much for showing your interest :blush: I believe you already spoke with our research team and the calls are along the similar lines to what you chatted about.

Good idea about kicking off the conversation about salaries here, though :+1:. What we are trying to understand is what factors do people consider when deciding whether to pay their salary to Monzo and whether there were any tipping points that influenced the decision of those who decided to do it.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #195

I did indeed :smiley: Aha fair enough, there was a tiny bit mentioned about salary :yum: so I can see how this set of calls may have been similar in that respect :boom:

A full on discussion about salaries being paid into Monzo might deserve its own thread though :wink: I wouldn’t want to overrun this thread with salary talk :joy:

(Richard) #196

There wasn’t a lot to it for me.

You are a bank. You had tools which I was looking forward to using and I didn’t want the hassle of moving my salary from one account to the other.

I’m a bit different to most I think as I literally send all my bills to mine and my wife’s joint (due to cashback on there) so literally after that Monzo is my spending account.

(Ben ) #197

Just seen that there are more slots next week - so I’ve joined one of those - but looks like a few still available for anyone else here.

(Rob McKenzie) #198

Just don’t make the same mistake Curve made recently, be innovative and forward thinking with genuinely useful features. I endorse disposable virtual cards, currency ‘pots’, decent gadget insurance and also metal, which is something many people want but don’t like to admit.

(Rich) #200

Money savings on things outside of Monzo. Such as money off Train travel, on demand services such as Netflix; basically savings on the things I use all the time.


Call me unambitious if you wish, but if people are refusing to switch because their old banks are providing their car and travel insurance, then Monzo simply need to copy the traditional deals out there…


I agree. Lots of people here seem to like the pick and choose option. Personally I like the ready made bundle. I give nationwide £13 a month, they give me a range of insurance. It’s easy, and requires little input from me. That is why I use it

(Rich) #203

Agree with this. Monzo needs to be the innovator and not become the same as all the banks we’ve escaped from. The Monzo app is the biggest selling point for me; and as long as premium services become optional and donttdegrade the basic functionality I expect from a bank, it’s all good.

Solve customer problems first and foremost; then try and tie those problems to business problems if you can. Ultimately if you solve big customer problems, the buisness will still grow.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #204

I like it :grin: