What do you use cash for?

My hairdresser and parking meters must be fairly upmarket then because they both take card.

I’m pretty sure the old farmer I buy meat off is legit as is the farmer who delivers my eggs and the milk man seems pretty legit too. Just because a business takes cash from a customer doesn’t mean they are not keeping books up to date or that they aren’t paying taxes. To feel they are doing something dodgey is a complete lack of faith in society as a whole really. I’m not saying some business isn’t dodging the tax man but the vast majority are doing everything legally.

What will you do when it runs out?

I mostly use cash for small transactions to minimise the noise on my card/bank statement. Plus: hair, parking, places I don’t trust.

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Personally if I saw somewhere that was cash only it would have to be pretty special for me to wander off in search of a cash machine to then come back.

It just makes no sense for a business to limit its earning potential in this day and age by restricting payment types. Money is money, they should and need to accept all forms of it to be healthy and have the best possible chance for growth.


That’s accepting all methods of payment which is of cause the best option. But the farmer who probably sells 5-10 livestock a year to private customers as the rest go to the wider market there is no point in them having a card reader and is much easier to buy the product in cash just for ease. The rest of the business would of cause be done via digital means but the odd private customer cash is by far the best method.

And the tooth fairy can’t facilitate digital means yet for children’s lost teeth :joy::joy:.

Even the window cleaner doesn’t accept cash anymore - I have to bank transfer it to him haha.

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:rofl: :rofl:

Good point! but it really wouldn’t surprise me if there was an app for it or something :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil: (not that i think it’s a good idea!)

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I don’t even let my kids have phones and tablets day to day, they don’t even have TVs in their rooms. Propper scruge me.


You have to pay for tea at Monzo?

I don’t work for Monzo. I work for the NHS (mainly) :grin:

If you mean the coral crew thing then we are volunteers who help out on the forum. Just regular customers

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