What do you think about freelance?

What do oyu think about remote work in gengeral?

Remote working and freelance are different things - which are you more interested in? I assume working remotely on freelance gigs?

I work freelance, but usually end up in clients offices working as part of a project team (I do social media content, so usually its for a specific campaign or product launch or similar) and love it. I get very bored working on the same thing for too long, so its nice to get variety. You also quickly find every single company has its own way of doing things, different software they use, different metrics for reports, different teams interacting in different ways, it means i feel like i’ve had good exposure to a lot of ways of doing thigns whereas if i’d only worked in 2 or 3 agencies in my career this would all be a mystery to me.

One thing that’s both an upside and a downside is the payment. It’s great to set your own rates, but obviously this depends on people wanting to pay what you think you’re worth. Sometimes I have to take on work paying less because there’s nothing else available, or its for a company I really want to work at. And then sometimes companies take forever to pay up - the place I’m at only processes all invoices at the end of each month, and then pays 33 days later, meaning I get paid tomorrow for the time I did in June, and this weeks invoice falls into August’s processing so I won’t get it paid until September. What an arse.

Overall, I think it depends on what you do, what you want ot get of doing it, and realise it’s a lot more work than just being an employee somewhere.


Remote or freelance (or both)? They’re two different things. And perhaps add some context around the question - what particular aspects of remote or freelance work would you like our views on?


Just to add to the other two comments. Who is this directed at?

Us or Monzo?

I think it’s a perfect opportunity for those who hate office work. For example, I am a freelancer for about 3 years and I have to say quitting my job was my best decision. There are plenty of freelance sites which allow earning as much as you want and can.