What do you consider a 'good' annual income?

Taken directly from UKPersonalFinance, interested if the answers here are the same.

Taking all variables of family status, age, location etc aside. What do you personally have in your head as the first number that comes to mind when you think of a good annual income?

Enough to pay my expenses, save a little and go on the occasional holiday. The question is really what sort of lifestyle you want, not how much you want to earn.


I would like infinite money then I can choose the lifestyle I want.

This is going to vary massively on where you’d like to live too.

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It depends totally on your life style. If you’re single and live on your own, your income would not need to be as high as someone who’s got children etc…

Interestingly it might need to be higher if your single and want to buy a house. Smaller income than two people generally.

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Really depends on your lifestyle and personal experiences through life. If you grew up with money you expect more in later life but those less fortunate will make more out of less.
A good annual wage for me would be around 50000 I would be very comfy with that however I cope fine with what I do earn at around 32000.

I think income doesn’t matter (well that isn’t quite true) but what matters more is incoming - outgoings

I used to live up north on less than I am on now and would say that I was probably better off than I am now.


True. But compared to someone who has a house and children.

But yeah you’re right.

You can’t really answer this question as it does depend on each individual.

It’s completely subjective, depending on the needs and lifestyle of each individual.
Some will be happy with the basics covered and a few indulgences, whilst others will be aiming for a 365 lavish lifestyle.

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I mean everyone is going to say more than they get.

I’d say enough to be able to own a home and pay all bills with a bit left over (obviously subjective to where you live this will be more or less)