What are you doing to keep well?

Hey Community :wave:

Thought I’d maybe start a new topic to highlight some things we’re all finding ourself doing to keep active and mentally healthy during this time.

I’ll start off - I’m finding myself trying to push ups and sit ups every morning - working from home has created a lazy Alan :eyes:

I’m re-organising my living room at the moment whilst giving it a deep clean.

Reading again. I am currently reading Chris Gethard - Lose Well. “A laugh-out-loud, kick-in-the-pants self-help narrative for anyone who ever felt like they didn’t fit in or couldn’t catch a break—comedian and cult hero Chris Gethard shows us how to get over our fear of failure and start living life on our own terms.”

What are you getting upto? :thinking:


I’ve started writing again. I haven’t written in years and now I can’t believe I ever stopped. It’s incredibly therapeutic and I’m having a lot of fun.


I’m using Headspace a lot more, and I’ve bought myself an Xbox to keep me entertained but I don’t really know where to start with it, so any tips gratefully received!

My greenhouse is also keeping me going, I’m spending as much time as possible pottering about in there!


I recently got a VR headset, so Beatsaber is currently keeping me active :joy: I also now have Half Life: Alyx keeping me entertained for the moment

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Dalgona coffee has been all the rage on TikTok recently and I’ve made a matcha version, which I highly recommend. You can even use a milk frother to make it instead of a mixer, because I don’t have enough kitchen appliances. Have also done it with milo and made a mug brownie to go with it. I foresee myself getting very fat as most of my ClassPass classes have been cancelled :cry:

Also can’t speak for myself but a lot of my pals have been playing Animal Crossing and designing amazing outfits.

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I’ve moved back in with my ex-wife and am currently taking up residence on the sofa. Needs must.

When I wake up, I get ready for the day and don’t lounge in PJ’s and I will go for a morning walk.

I spend quality time with my daughter when on my ‘lunch-break’ and have just ordered a TRX so that I can work out in the evening.

I’m also journaling and taking the opportunity to study so that when this is over, I will have a better chance at being able to up and move jobs.


Worked seven days last week. On my second day off today and back to work tomorrow. Yesterday was chores, cleaning the house and I also did the windows. Today I’ve played Wingspan with my housemate, who is in lockdown, and put up some pictures. I’m writing a list of jobs around the house and going to tick them off one by one, and the garden will be a big project (if I can get a skip delivered) but all interspersed with still going in to work. Creating a photo-reportage on Insta of life ‘outside’ during the lockdown, for friends and family. And Freeletics every day outside in the street, which I’m sure my neighbours think is hilarious.



I’m trying to stay sane while wfh so I’ve established a bit of a routine.

  • Go for a walk in the morning, as my ‘commute’ not any more!
  • Go for my daily excercise at Lunch - an hour on my bike or so
  • Before I sit down for work, make a fresh pot of coffee.
  • I’ve turned my spare room into my ‘office’ - so I drew a dodgy hand made company logo on the door.
  • Arraging a few skype coffees with colleauges, and beers with mates - which is nice!

And the cats are keeping me company!


I’m making my cats the star of my “complaints about my colleagues” on instagram…


I’ve downloaded an app called Freelytics to get started with some kind of fitness regime.

That said, I have about a single square metre of workout space in my bedroom. And if I make any noise whatsoever, everyone in my flat can hear it. So this should be interesting… :weight_lifting_woman:

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That’s the type of content we need to see :eyes:

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Not going out, not exercising, just eating Huel and playing Warcraft/Hearthstone while listening to BBCR6. Will let you know when I go stir crazy.


tomorrow ? :slight_smile: we could start a book similar to when will Monzo reach …x… customers

When will Colin go stir crazy lol


Well I’ve got a Void Elf Warlock at level 80 on his way to Pandaria and a Kul Tiran Druid also at level 80 ready to see what Deathwing has been up to. With a level cap at 120 I think I’ll be ok for a few days :+1:

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Working 50/60 hour weeks beacuse of all the toilet roll people order.

Drinking monster ultra zero

Going for walks early in the morning

Drinking alcohol on my night/nights off

I have no friends so this is heaven to me


You have friends here and we’re all socially and physically distanced too. Winning! :+1:


Getting up early, and for the last week, have headed out for a long walk at 06:30am - would love to run, but have had a lot of reconstructive surgery on my ankle, so walking’s the best I can do.

Walked 12 kilometres Monday morning, 11 yesterday and though I’ve lived in the same area for almost 20 years, feel like I’m getting to know the wider neighborhood for the first time.

The garden’s an overgrown mess, but knowing I may soon rely on it, bought supplies over the weekend to get started on tidying it up.

Only watching the news twice a day.

Finally, trying to keep alcohol to just a couple of times a week - things could otherwise get out of hand.

Going for a long walk

Nine days in and the ‘keep healthy’ attitude is becoming strained due to Social Distancing snacks in my flat :candy:

Like everyone else Netflix’s Tiger King documentary has taken over my viewing options. Mind exploding things going on in that show :eyes:

Been obviously keeping in doors as much as possible and using walks combined into shopping to cover two tasks at once. Luckily don’t live in a super condensed area so the ability to keep space hasn’t been too hard.

Anyone picked up any new hobbies? Apparently most of my Instagram is my friends all become bakes all of a sudden :thinking:

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How’s the Freeletics going? I started the Shred & Burn pathway this week – you’ll enjoy Hell Week in about three months!