What are you doing in 2020 to help the environment?

I was wondering what others are doing in 2020 to help the environment. I’m making small changes but not doing anything major like going vegan (I like bacon sandwiches too much) or gluing myself to electric trains.

The small changes I’ve made so far are:

  1. I use Splosh for household products to cut down on plastic use. Referral code in wiki.

  2. I am reducing the amount of meat I eat to around 4 times a week. And I am supporting my daughter through Veganuary.

  3. I am consciously avoiding buying things at the supermarket with single use plastic wrapping. I’m buying bread wrapped in paper and I’m buying fruit & veg lose and sticking them in these little net bags I saw at Lidl (49p for 2)

Swapping my diesel for an electric car (although I don’t think this counts.).

We’re going to try Gousto for a month or two, hopefully that should cut down our shop / single use plastics usage.

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Not having another baby! (And potty training the one we do have!) :rofl:

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I’d do that if I could afford it. It still feels like the technology and infrastructure needs to evolve a bit more too


Being totally honest, not much.

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Attempting to work remotely more often to reduce the amount of times I need to use my car (can’t get an electric car unfortunately!)

Taking no flights where an alternative rail route exists.


To be honest nothing

My mental health is more important, that I a need the car as travelling on public transport is near impossable or very expensive in these parts.

Just carrying on as we do now.
We use public transport wherever possible (both at home and abroad)
We have very little food waste (only buy what we need)
Continue recycling

As much as I would like an electric/hybrid car, it isn’t economically viable at the moment.

How do you define this? Are you talking a direct train only, or, for example, trains with changes to the south of Spain instead of a flight?

Well I wouldn’t take a train to America obviously. But yeah I would take the train to Spain. I took the train to Seville last year for example. I went to Kiev on the train in December. The trick is to take advantages of the changeover points to add a night or two to your holiday and experience multiple places instead of one.

Check out seat61.com to read an encyclopaedic volume of knowledge of rail travel.


Cutting down on meat consumption.

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My wife and I have committed to not taking any flights this year. So we’ll be using the train a lot more, as I travel a fair bit for work and have relatives who live on the continent.

Also planting a veg patch, to reduce the amount of supermarket bought (and often well-travelled) fruit and vegetables we buy.