What are we working on? The Monzo Weekly Diary

Thanks @_Ed!

Hi everyone! I am Luba and I work on Mondo regulation team. I joined Mondo 2 weeks ago, yay :clap:

As a new joiner, I am spending a fair amount of my time helping with Customer support. It’s been great to get to know how everything works, what our users care about and to help resolve issues that you sometimes encounter. It is such gratifying experience as well thanks to all the positive feedback! :smiley:

One of the questions I have been coming across while working on Customer support is: when is Mondo going to become a fully licensed bank?

We cannot wait for this to happen ourselves! We are working hard to make sure we launch as soon as possible and I am part of the team that is driving this process. My focus at the moment is to pull together a detailed plan of all our activities before the Full Launch to demonstrate to the regulator that we have thought about it in depth and can follow through on our plan. Thanks so much Mondo team for your help in pulling this together!

@yehudi you are up next! :grinning:


Thanks @luba!

Hello! My name is Yehudi (Yeh-Hu-Dee), and I work in Customer Support at Mondo. What this actually means is that I get to chat all day, solve problems, send emojis and hopefully make people smile too! :smile:

I love listening to customers, absorbing feedback and discussing your ideas and suggestions with the wider team. Everyone’s committed to delivering the best possible experience for our users, and it feels great to be a part of such a collaborative team :mondo:

Today I spent my morning responding to customer queries - everything from card colours (fun fact: our current card’s official colour is called “Hot Coral”) to international transactions. During the afternoon we had an ops meeting, and then I hopped back on to queries.

At the moment, my goal is to accumulate as much knowledge as possible, so that I’m able to respond to customers super-quickly. Eventually, I’d love to be able to explore innovative new ways to serve customers. Wonder if anyone’s using Virtual Reality to support customers yet…:sunglasses:

@james, I nominate you!


Hello! Me again :sunglasses:

I’m an iOS developer here, and lately I’ve been working on data export, since it’s a very commonly requested feature here on the forum :slight_smile:

For the first iteration we’ve added export to CSV and QIF formats, since that covers nearly all of the commonly-used tools (including Microsoft Money). Since there aren’t any libraries for QIF on iOS, that meant getting intimate a very weird data format!

I’ve also been working on the much less glamorous (but very important) automated tests. We use unit tests to cover business logic (using API stubs), snapshots to test UI regressions, API tests to check our models play well with our backend, and integration testing using KIF to test user flows.

Next up, I nominate our awesome new data analyst @dimitri :boom:


Thank you @james!

I’m Dimitri and I will be looking after Analytics & Data at :mondo:. I’ve joined only a week ago but so far it has been a real pleasure. Mondo has an incredibly dedicated and talented team AND an amazing culture of inclusiveness (hope it’s a real word :thinking:) and transparency. I’m very happy to be a part of it now.

Every new joiner is encouraged to do customer support in the first couple of weeks, which I think is a brilliant idea as you get to experience all the pain points (e.g. with card color or real ones :upside_down: ) and all the excitement some of our customers are going through. I can totally see how it drives the motivation inside everyone of us to build an amazing product.

What I’ve been up to today? As I’m the first full time data person, I’m starting from the ground up with understanding our data and infrastructure. In the next couple of days I will take a closer look at how our sign-up and onboarding user journeys are performing and see how many people we are losing along the way and what we could potentially improve.

Next up is Josh @jgarnham :sunglasses:


Hey all, looks like we’ve gone full circle! It’s me, Josh, an iOS dev :slight_smile:

Today I’ve been putting the finishing touches on our next update which contains overhauled search functionality that looks even prettier thanks to our awesome designers. Check out the sneak peak here :mag:

Looking ahead of that I’m also working on lots of improvements to the sign up flow to make it clearer to new users the product we offer and what they should expect in the future :crystal_ball:

I’m passing the torch :fire: to @ole for the next diary entry!


Love this feed and generally the openness and passion you guys are obviously fostering at Mondo. Really goes a long way to humanising the company and building really strong brand affinity that is usually so sorely lacking from the huge, impenetrable behemoths of the existing banking world.

Really interested to see how (and if) this openness will continue as the company grows - as it surely will!


Thanks @jgarnham! Every other Friday, Mondo works from home. This not only gives a nice break in the routine but also lets you catch up on things that are difficult to do when you are in an office full of noisy colleagues. :relaxed:

However, I am in the office today as I have organised a focus group to discuss how people are controlling their spending. :money_with_wings: The learnings will feed into the budgeting feature we are currently designing.

I am also getting v1.5 - which has new Search :flashlight:- ready to be submitted to the App Store. Fingers crossed, it should be in the App Store sometime next week.

That’s it for me. Have a great weekend everyone! @tristan will be back on Monday to tell what he has been up to… :doughnut:


Just a quick one @ole is it worth switching over to the app store version rather than the testflight version? Or is 1.5 coming to test flight earlier in the week then into the app store later in the week?

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Generally Testflight gets new releases first, but they may be slightly buggier. Your choice!

I wonder what the longest thread on @discourse ever is? If we keep this up, we’ll have to hit it eventually! :wink:

Today was a mix of stuff:

  • We’re working on making the waiting list better, both for users and as a way for new people to find Mondo so today a few of us took some time to work out what the next steps for that are :rocket:
  • We’ve recently implemented the ability for us to send additional content through to people on the waiting list in-app so we can talk to them, find out what they want from Mondo etc. We’re now working on bringing that to Android so I spent some time with our developers for that project :robot:
  • I created some emails that we can automatically send to users – for example, if you don’t have push notifications turned on so you don’t know you can now get a Mondo card. Those should start going out this afternoon :envelope:
  • I’m hoping to find some time to do final edits to a blog post I’m working on about ethical banking – hopefully I’ll get it published tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it from me – I nominate Gary, our wonderful CFO. It seems I’ll need to get him on this forum first though…


A good mixed bunch of activities today.

  • a visit to RBS with Tom Dolan to work out the controls and structure we need to manage our cash
  • a good meeting with Bailey to discuss marketing spend
  • a review of the proposed metrics from BDO on reg. reporting
  • a review of the costs of the prepaid scheme with Tom
  • trying to figure out what we owe HMRC on our staff expenditure :joy




I am Shiel, I am working in customer support and my job is to make sure all of our customers are as happy as can be!

Today I have been working with customers to ensure they are getting the most from their Mondo cards.

Dealing with getting our customers through the KYC process.

I have a meeting to learn more about Bizops

And I am looking forward to lunch with the team!

Thats all folks!

I nominate @emma_mondo


Thanks for the nomination @Shiel!

I work with Shiel on the Customer Ops team. Yesterday I worked on a few monthly reports and pushed out our new verification process to over 500 people! It’s very exciting to see people’s reaction :blush:

Today working on pushing out more KYCs and planning how we can get around the clock customer support in the future!

I nominate @daniel.cannon!

Hi Dimitri, really interested to hear (if possible) your analysis and strategies to improve your on boarding process. This is email capture and signups I assume?

"I will take a closer look at how our sign-up and onboarding user journeys are performing and see how many people we are losing along the way and what we could potentially improve."

There’s some interesting context and geo location specific tools that may give you more arsenal in your toolkit. Goes a bit further than personalisation settings like male/female and age group. Could help with cross promotion with big brands too.

Thanks @emma_mondo! Hey everybody :wave:

I actually joined :mondo: last week as a backend engineer however some of you may have spoken to me as I spent my first week helping out with customer support (this also allowed me to quickly get up to speed with how Mondo works and what needs to be improved).

This week I started working on writing some code and have spent some time improving some push notifications and displaying more information to our customer support team to help them answer your questions as fast as possible! Hopefully next time I will be able to have even more to tell you about as I get involved in more great features. Until then have a great evening :smile:

Oh I almost forgot! I also spent the day looking at some of your name suggestions, they are amazing and I love some of the designs some of you have created! :heart_eyes:

@oliver mentioned today that he hasn’t posted an update in a while so I nominate you for tomorrow!

Ooh, my turn again? Yay! :relaxed:

Recently, I’ve been working with @simon and @matt on the internals of our microservices platform. When we started building Mondo over a year ago, we decided that we would make a big investment in our backend platform. A solid foundation is really important because we want to build a reliable, secure, awesome product, and we want to do it fast. :rocket:

For those that are more technically inclined, here are a few specific things we’ve been up to:

  1. Running all our services in Kubernetes :whale:
  2. Changing the way our services talk to one another (we were using RabbitMQ, now we’re using HTTP and linkerd :zap:)
  3. Automating management of our infrastructure with Terraform :muscle:
  4. Using Kafka as our asynchronous queue :robot:

I’d love to write a blog post in the next month or so, going into depth about some of the things we’ve built and why we’ve done things the way we have, if that would be interesting to folks. :nerd:

You’re up tomorrow, @thomasageorge


Would be very interesting😃

Thanks @oliver. It feels like no time at all since I did one of these, but of course time travels fast when you are busy applying for a banking licence! :bank:

Since my last post we’ve been busy submitting documents and responding to queries from the regulators at the PRA and FCA :classical_building:. This covers everything from our governance structures (meetings and committees) to how the Mondo app works :iphone:

At the same time I’ve been working with our Internal Auditors to ensure that once we are a bank we know that we are following all the required regulation :green_book::blue_book::orange_book::closed_book:… as well as our own policies and rules. In particular we’re starting to think about how we might be able to automate elements of this so we can spend more time focussing on delivering great customer experiences for Mondo customers !

I hope this was interesting… for tomorrow I’m going to nominate @hugo since he always looks like he is doing interesting things! :boom::calling:

You might want to check out Helm - they have tooling which helps to make compliance more efficient. It’s one of the companies in my Techstars/Barclays Accelerator cohort.

Thanks James – I’ll take a look sounds interesting !