📱 What Android/iOS versions should we support?

(Ravi) #144

You’ve literally argued against yourself there.

As a bank customer why should anyone care about Monzo’s problems? Especially when it relates to something as esoteric as supported OSs. Regular people don’t care about this stuff.

(Andre Borie) #145

As a bank customer you may care about free or cheap banking instead. Software engineers are not free nor cheap, and someone has to pay to support old devices (not to mention the security implications of that).

(Ravi) #146

They’re not cheap but they’re also a fixed cost. A billion customers seems like a stretch but the idea is to leverage the cost over as many customers as possible and get the marginal cost close to zero.

That’s not gonna happen if you cut off support too quickly. And in this case I’d wager that faster than five years likely is too quickly given how long old devices hang around for. Obviously Mozno have the data and they’re smart cookies so they’ll likely find a good balance.

(Kyle Risi) #147

Afraid to say it but if it’s running 5.1 then I find it hard to believe you bought a “New” Android. Maybe at the time it was new 5 years ago.

It is in your interest to ensure you run the latest most up-to-date version of your OS to ensure the best security measures have been put into place. If you use our Software, will not support your device if it is anymore than 4 generations old. We have a duty of care to protect our users and to ensure we provide them with the best possible user experience. This often means we will deliberately stop our platform from even initialising on an older OS.

Its not unreasonable to ask a user to upgrade, it’s always free, it doesn’t take long and it ensure we can adequately protect our users.

Our terms of service statethat if your device is compromised and we find that you have any malware on your device then we are not responsible for any financial loss you may have inccured.


from your grammar it looks like you keep talking as if you were Monzo, if so where is your Monzo badge/icon?

as for getting a new Android with 5.1 … while you query that and imply that unlikely it should be noted that while many big brand manufacturers will use a new version of Android, other cheaper handset manufacturers tend to use older versions of the OS.

as for your comment about doing a free upgrade. Many users want to but the latest OS is often not yet available for download and install for all devices, particularly some of the lesser known brands.

(Kyle Risi) #149

I do not work for Monzo.

When deciding which devices to support a balance need to be achieved, thats how it is for us and most likely the case for Monzo. This usually revolves around how your user demographics have been split Vs the cost of supporting each OS versio.

I am not sure why Monzo have even posed this question to the community, I am sure they will have the data to help them make this strategic decision.

If their goal is to support over 1billion users then that is likely to change their strategy for supported devices.

(Andre Borie) #150

The problem is that no matter the strategy, Monzo will not be able to correct OS vulnerabilities. Even if they do support all the way back to (let’s say) Android 3, and embed all the latest libraries (TLS, etc) in the app itself, it still wouldn’t protect against vulnerabilities in the OS that would allow a remote attacker to get superuser/root privileges on the device.

(Dawid) #152

What if a person does ensure they run the latest most up-to-date version of the OS for their phone but the manufacturer stops releasing updates?

If you create a mobile app for something as crucial as banking, it is unthinkable, in my humble opinion, to just cut people off from their access. Unless there is 0% of your customers running certain OS there should always be support.

You might say it’s unfeasible but hey, that’s the route they’ve taken - had the web ui been more sophisticated the users would have had a fallback but in this case, when you get into providing a service via app, you should consider even the smallest percentages of people…

(Kyle Risi) #153

Said no QA manager ever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But Monzo is different and have some very ambitious goals in regards to reaching 1 Billion people. Maybe we should hear directly from Monzo on this one.

(Andre Borie) #154

What if a person ensures they run the latest OS version but suddenly their phone dies and needs hardware repair?

Surely if you create an app for something as crucial as banking, you should be on the hook in case your users buy defective devices, and repair them free of charge, right?

TLDR: it’s not Monzo’s fault if some shitty manufacturers or mobile carriers don’t mind selling devices that are defective because their OS is out of date and full of security vulnerabilities.


Nobody said it was Monzo’s fault did they?
I think “tough shit upgrade to this years device” (because some manufacturers can’t support a device for even a year) is the way a legacy bank would respond.

It will be exceptionally difficult to grow the app and suppprt “older” (maybe we should call them legacy) devices. Maybe this is one of the costs they have to pay for to offset not having branches.

(Richard) #156

What would be more interesting…and I suspect there’s no way to find out.

How many users are still running old versions of android/ios?

Personally… I’d take the view that it would be better for Monzo to support… supported OS’s rather than unsupported.


If the web app was a little more fleshed out, I could see the reason for reducing the range of devices supported, so that you can still transfer money etc if your phone is suddenly no longer supported

(Jolin) #158

By this logic, legacy banks should still be supporting IE 6, because there were still people using it (who needed new hardware to get a modern browser working) when they dropped support.

I agree that as an app-only bank, Monzo need to be generous with support for older phones. But 0% is too generous!

(Brian Hunter) #159

Could even argue that it’s unethical to allow people to bank with you via means which you know are insecure, just so that you have their custom.

If a phone is no longer getting security updates for their operating system then surely Monzo cannot support them.

(Jack) #160

@emmag This may be of interest