What account for ROI

What are people using in ROI?

I’d love to keep using Monzo but they don’t offer a euro account.

I’ve signed up to the Starling Euro account waiting list but as yet got nothing.

What has similar functionality to Monzo but works in ROI? Is N26 any good?

Thanks for help

I’ve heard good things about N26. The card looks nice too.

KBC Ireland have been great for me. They will open an account from the UK using just photos of ID (though be sure you apply the basic current account as the regular one charges quartley I think.) They have a great app which is just missing instant notifications to be comparable with Monzo/Starling.

I quite like the card design too. I’ve had an account for over a year and I really like it.

Or another euro account is Bunq. It’s a great app with features that better Monzo in so many ways. But, despite it calling itself ‘Bank of the free’ it’s anything but and costs €8 a month to run an account of any use (the available free account is useless)