What about payments for orders that companies are about to go under administration.

Now that Made is close to administration, how am I going to secure my money if my order is not delivered? I placed the order on 19/10 and the delivery will be in December. If in the meantime they don’t manage to save the company, will am I able to get chargeback from Monzo or it would be too late and I need to dispute the payment now. I contacted Made and they didn’t reply to my questions but they said they will do their best and asking for our support.

Close to administration doesn’t mean in administration.

As there’s still opportunity for your order to be completed, it’s unlikely there will be chargeback rights as yet.

You need Made to confirm in writing they’re not able to honour your order and ask them to either refund you, or tell you to raise through your bank.


The best way is to cancel your order now, if you are able to.

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Looking on their TrustPilot page their score is tanking and it seems to be based on the fact that they’re not accepting returns or refunds :slightly_frowning_face: (plus delayed orders)

Administration or not, if a company doesn’t deliver the goods and customer paid by credit card, card issuer has to refund, right?

Other than that, I am not too familiar with Made, is it all custom-made stuff? If not, they are obliged by law to allow cancellations before shipping and returns after.

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Monzo isn’t credit card it’s chargeback by debit process, not section 75.

It’s also not December to say it’s not delivered yet and claim goods not arrived. It wouldn’t stand just yet.

Company needs an opportunity to rectify.

Unless it was paid for with a virtual flex card :eyes:

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Well yeah if Flex purchased but I took a guess with it not being a Flex due to wording, so face value a debit card payment :rofl:

The above would still apply though.

Not yet in admin, delivery date not passed, could have a rescue before then :pray:t3:


Should of learnt by now, never guess on this forum :joy:


I’m always wrong either way :joy:

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You can cancel a non-custom order at any time before shipping, and it would be beneficial for the company to comply, as they would also have to refund shipping if they only accepted the return after the customer had received the order.

If it were me I would never trust any company in such public difficulty, whether they are bankrupt or only about to be bankrupt, and I would cancel my order straight away (whether the company would accept is a different story of course).

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