We've Added Some New Categories

(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #182

In the absence of a ‘Charity’ category I’ve taken to using ‘Family’ instead, which feels a bit odd but it beats using ‘General’ which feels like shoving everything under the bed to tidy up…

(Oliver Ford) #183

This seems to have involved (effectively) deleting critical comments?

(Only available in amateur ) #184

Nah, it’s here We've Added Some New Categories

Merging will keep that on the original thread as it was the first post but also copy to the thread it’s being merged with


Charity would be a great category!

I have regular amounts go out each month and there are innovative other giving options out there (UNICEF’s Share the meal for example) and online one of donations.

Seeing this would instantly help me decide on how much I could sponsor someone this month or use the Share the meal app for example, and seeing the monthly total would be an amazing feel good factor!

(Kenny Grant) #186

I agree charity would be a really nice category.

(Mo) #187

I’d love a charity category, but am on my first work trip and have realised a work category would be helpful too

(Liam) #188

Will you be reimbursed for your purchases on the trip? If so then Expenses might be the category for you. :blush:

(Mo) #189

Not directly in this instance, but usually yes. You make a fair point, but I normally use that category for something else so it didn’t occur to me!

(Grant MacGregor) #190

Any update on this, @edo1493?

(Edoardo Moreni) #191

You mean custom categories?

(Grant MacGregor) #192

Yup :slightly_smiling_face:

(Edoardo Moreni) #193

Yup, we have one guy on this. He’s finishing exporting of data first.

(Nathan) #194

Oh wow how am i only hearing now this is being worked on!


It’s probably been said before but trying to set up a “main” joint account, using the predefined categories is really hard. I don’t want all my bills (Direct debits) to be categorised as bills.

(Andy) #196

You can categorise direct debits as any of the categories once the first payment is taken taken


Sorry I didn’t express myself well, I meant that the predefined categories are not specific enough so things that would fall under bills get lumped together like gas, electric and water (Bills) where ideally I would like these to be seperate. Im not keen on tags as it requires too much input.

(Andy) #198

Ahh I get you now!


Oh I agree. I think categories really need subcategories. Half the stuff that goes out of my account are ‘Bills’, it would be nice to actually sub-categorise those bills (or the other way round).

General should just be undefined. Well I guess that’s what it is. I just find it strange that you can set a budget for it.

Finance should at least split into ATM withdrawals and Savings as subcategories.

Personal care is kind of a vague one that I’m not sure how I’m meant to use? Do I use it for the dentists but is that not a bill? Do I use it for when I go to superdrug and buy some shampoo? But wouldn’t that be shopping? Is it a gym membership, but that’s a bill?

Family could probably just be a subcategory applied to any of the main categories.

Gifts would be a good subcategory.

And so on.

(Jack) #200

Is the “What’s Next?” section of this article still planned, it’s something that I’d have found useful.

(Hugo Cornejo) #201

We’re doing some work about this. As a first step we’ll probably add a new Charity category. This might happen quite soon (we’re literally starting it today).

We’re also working on some new aggregated views that would probably mean we revisit categories in general.