WeThe15 campaign

WeThe15 will also work across different industries including business, media and the arts, to break down societal and systemic barriers facing disabled people outside of sport.

Just reading about it this morning, and my initial thought is it’s about time. I’ve started a thread on here for folks to discuss, but also to primarily ask if this campaign is one Monzo will be supporting and providing visibility to as they’ve done for some other inequality and injustices movements.

Not asking for an app icon here or other virtue signalling symbolism. No one needs that. But some promotion, education, discussion, and a refined focus internally to ensure Monzo continues to be, and improves upon its inclusivity of folks like me. Both in terms of customers and employees.

This is a good opportunity to return attention to this blog post, and once again ask when we might receive that long overdue and promised update on the findings of the audit?