We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

Love love love the update thank you! Really reassuring that there will be a place for budgeting and “left to spend”. Now I can’t wait to see how this develops! :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Really love the look of the re design. So much so I’m going #fullmonzo - been thinking about it for a while and whilst my current bank (first direct) have been ok as a bank their app is woeful.

Looking forward to testing the new design!


We’ve enabled this for everyone that request access. If you’re on a supported version (see above) kill the app and reopen.


Not seeing iOS v2.44 in the App Store yet, so this is Android only for now, yes?

Great work @bruno and team, this looks really nice :smiley:

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This looks great!

Yeah I was going to ask when we could expect v2.44 to hit the app store for non-testflight users

iOS 2.44 is in Testflight, will go to the App Store later today.
Android 2.45 is going to Beta later this week, then Play Store next week.


The disposable income part of Summary definitely needs to stay…or at least a balance with all planned outgoings needs to be visible somewhere. It is basically how I manage my money!

Instant Impressions:

  • Quite clean and useable
  • I’ve ‘found’ everything!
  • Feels weird without the Pulse but the presence of the card image provides a transition state
  • Things feel smaller (fonts etc.)?
  • No Summary wheel is odd (but I manage that elsewhere so can live without for the moment - ‘Left to Spend’ is still my key info long term)

Instant changes:

  • A ‘View all’ button next to something saying ‘Personal Account’ begs me to use it as an account switcher even though I know it isn’t. The fact that the next screen is ‘Accounts’ adds to that. (I don’t have any accounts to switch to other than my Barclaycard but this feels less ‘right’ as a sub-item of my account now rather than being an account in its own right)
  • Invitation to an overdraft doesn’t sit well at the very top of the Accounts screen

Hey so I’m in!

First Looks:

  • I think the overall “look” and “feel” is great
  • Following on from above, whilst a large difference, I still feel at “home” with the UI, I can still work out where everything belongs and what things will take me where


  • Clicking into a movement to pot -> the “Manage Pots” link is broken, it doesn’t take me to the “View All” page as I would expect, it doesn’t take me anywhere.
  • I’m not interested in overdrafts, I’m interested in my Pots - so taking me to “View All” and seeing “overdrafts” front and centre is irritating, move to the below the pots?
  • Have also lost the “Total” figure that used to work out everything in all your pots, we just have the singular “Personal Accounts” total - whilst not imperative, I did like this feature.

Excited to have a bit more of a deep dive!


So happy the pulse has gone!

I think the card should go also placed with the account number details where you press your profile picture.

Move the Balance back to the left and add in the what you have spent today back on the right as i can not see it anywhere?

Move Borrowing to accounts tab or bottom of pots, I don’t care for it


Definitely need the total figure again, if anything it should be more prominent than before as I found that very useful!

Also the daily spend could do with being shown somewhere.


Just got the update.

I can’t seem to be able to switch to my joint account?

Anyone else have this issue?

Edit: never mind. You can still hold the bottom.

Yeah def liking new design overall.

Really glad that the feed locks in place once it’s filled the screen and doesn’t come down unless you drag it from the ‘handle’ at the top. Would prefer it if the app opened like this but will still live.

Didn’t think the payments tab in the middle would feel so normal/natural but it really does.

On iOS so currently without budgeting but glad to know it will be here soon and excited to help test.

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I’m on iOS 2.44 but can’t see this update, I requested access yesterday afternoon? Would love to get this working and test it out. Have tried killing the app and reopening.

Nevermind, another kill did the trick! Looking good

Hi @bruno, where do you want us to feedback any bugs/issues (on here?)

I very rarely use my sole account, but I’ve just gone on to see if there is any difference, and I have no way of managing my overdraft (not that I’ve ever used it).

Tapping the “view all” brings me to “learn about overdrafts”, but the link is broken anyway.

iPhone XS Max
iOS 12.2
TF Version 2.44.0

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I think the entire concept of a redesign is a great idea, however I think the one feature that the Monzo App is lacking is the ability to switch on DARK MODE!!!

I’m not the kind of person to use my Monzo card for the features of managing my money. I don’t need an app to tell me when and what I can/have spent, it’s good a few of the tabs have made their way out, as in my use I only use pots and home. I’m in it for the concept and convenience of modern day banking, minor details like merchant images and scheduled payments alerts create a seamless experience.

Add DARK MODE to all this and it will make it a winning formula.


Thanks for reading through the feedback and for the detailed response!

Please don’t take that survey as representative. :pray: I have been wishing ever since pots were launched that I could see all the transactions related to a pot by tapping on it, but I never filled out the survey on the other thread.

Lastly, I only just added my name to the list requesting the new look – will you be going through again at some point and enabling it for more people (I’m not in a rush, just wondering if I missed the boat entirely).