We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

Something like tapping on the total? I’m on iOS so can’t really help with that.

Tap as per picture.

What I really dislike about the new layout is the massive amount of space taken up above transactions. 30 percent of the screen is taken up by only giving me my balance and a peek of the top of the card. I realise it shrinks when you start scrolling, but I wouldn’t have to scroll if it didn’t take up so much space and I could see more than 3 or 4 transactions.

I’d also like to see a confirmation of delete on payees as it’s easy to accidentally delete when going for merge. Editing payees would be nice too.

Other than that I’ve not noticed any issues.

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Any plans to make “left to spend” factor in scheduled pot transfers? It would stop it being wrong between payday and the transfers being made.

I get paid on last day of month, so transfers go out on first. Biggest issue is if 1st is Tuesday and it’s a bank holiday. Left to spend is wrong from getting paid on Friday to pot transfers on Tuesday. Usually this is when I’m more likely to spend and have to do mental arithmetic to work out what I can really spend.

I know money in pots isn’t “spent”, but it’s not “left to spend” .either


Thanks for that, very helpful. Yep much easier to find on iOS than android, but it’s still there.

For me, I generally like it then - but would like to echo a previous comment that it would be handy to have a quick scroll like pulse used to provide.

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When withdrawing from a pot in the joint account.

The card shown looks like a standard Monzo card rather than the JA one.

It was a little confusing where the money would go so might be better to change the image to the parent card of the pot?

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:android: app version 2.56.0 here.

I’ve noticed a new bug - I can’t create a repeating payment / subscription. Details in the post below.

Not sure if this is related to the new nav or not, though switching off the new nav in labs doesn’t help.

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If turning the new nav off doesnt fix it, then it’s not related.

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I turned off new navigation and had this problem


@bruno, any idea when 2.56 will be landing on TestFlight?

I find the new naviagation less intuitive.
I like the fact to have few tabs, it is much faster to browse informations.

On the other hand, I love the feature copy the bank account number and sorte code…

I’d assume it’s down to Apple atm. As he implied it was out for review by them.

I’m not sure to be honest. Maybe it was submitted without auto deployment after approval, or perhaps it wasn’t approved.

Either way, if its not live by now doesn’t seem like it’s coming out before someone has a look on Monday…

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What kind of things you find less intuitive to do?

When will the new navigation come to peeps with joint accounts? Sure I read somewhere it was with 2.55 when is that due for general release

It has come to mine

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2.55 does support JA and it was released on Android last Monday. However there was an unrelated bug that forced us to skip that version on iOS.

2.56 will come out on Monday.

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Thanks Bruno can’t wait to see the new nav :slight_smile:

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Been trying the new navigation for a week or so. I like scrolling to check pots, but getting back to the main account/timeline is messy as I have lots of pots - scroll left several times, or tap the icon top right, scroll up and tap the main account. Perhaps tapping on the home button could return to the main account/timeline when viewing a pot as it does from payments or help?

Also, I find I miss the graph, it was really good for scrolling back a month at a time.

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What’s going on with the goal bars?
They’re not showing up. :thinking:

Found a super minor inconsistency (unless it’s by design). However, it seems that when selecting the ‘Current Account’ tile the card itself becomes transparent whereas on the ‘Joint Account’ it does not.

Seems like if you have a pot with one of the standard Monzo colours as well it has the same issue when selecting it.

Device - iPhone 7
iOS - 12.3.1
App Version - 2.55.0 #541