We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

That might be because it is!


Oh, granted. It’s just there’s talk in this thread of “almost there” etc.

I largely like the new nav.

For me though, there needs to be a way to ‘jump’ back to your feed - I would think that tapping home would do that (scroll back through your pots back to your main account feed)

I get what others are saying about account number etc being prominent, though I quite like it - especially being able to copy S/C or Acc# individually!

I access my pots ALL THE TIME, but I kind of agree that the swiping and showing all of the pots is a bit much. Perhaps we could have ‘featured’ pots that we access regularly? Like ‘Weekly spending’

On the ‘view all card’ button, it opens all the pots for both accounts - amazing, and it’s so much faster…However when I first used it I was a little confused how to get back to my account, I expected a ‘X’ in the top left, since it’s a view ontop of the nav layer. I know you can tap the account to jump to it, but I’d also like the ‘X’ to make it easier to navigate.

I echo several users request to see a ‘feed’ for your pots - It’s good to see what date/days you added or removed funds from a particular pot, and the amount.

Overall, big improvement but still a few more tweaks to make it :100:!


This, I don’t need all the pots at the same level as the accounts, it’s now way too busy. I also liked being able to switch between accounts, essentially knowing I was in joint or solo account ‘mode’.

I don’t need to scroll through pots that often, this seems to be a backward step.

I’ll also have to add, the summary and budget aspects make Monzo for us. If they go, we go.

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:android: Has anyone tried the latest Android Beta? Thoughts? :eyes:

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Looks fab!!

New summary button and view all has gone.

And account settings/profile accessed by clicking your profile.

Everything feels slicker and faster too.


Love that the top status bar (with the clock and stuff) is now grey/transparent! Can the bottom nav bar do the same?!

Feel like the pot name should be at the top in bold for this reason though?


Also, goals seem to have vanished

Tapping the card when the transaction feed was lowered used to put it back, now you have to do that manually.
When sctolling sideways the pots are still all titled ‘pot’
Left to spend still missing…

Other than that, it’s a definite improvement.

One thing I would say now is some of the navigation is getting really deep. To get to settings now is tap on your initial -> tap on your name -> profile -> settings. That’s what’s required for example to switch fingerprint auth on and it’s not the kind of thing you’d find accidentally.

Pretty nice. No complaints from me. Only that there is no left to spend bar on the main screen/card view, although this is still to come?

Clicking “Monzo Plus User” underneath my profile takes me directly to the Monzo Plus manage page of the app - nice. (Not sure if this worked before only just noticed).

On my personal account when scrolling through the pots, my card still appears behind the first pot but when scrolling onto the second pot the card disappears.

This doesn’t happen on the joint account.


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I’m definitely not a fan of the Summary being behind an icon to click.
I loved the line under the balance to show your summary, I hope I’m right in thinking this will return when they’re figured out all out :blush:
Also not sure why swiping down opens the old list of pots… Confusing.

When I open the app, to me it should always open by default to the main monzo card, but when I open the app currently, it shows the last card or pot when I left, I then have to scroll to my main account, which is frustrating.

The daily spends isn’t showing, even though in an earlier post it said that it would be back.

As shown in other posts, the word ‘pot’ is being shown above the pot total, even though the pot name is shown under. Not sure if this is meant to be like this to signify that it’s a pot, but I am aware !

The blue pill is still being shown with the account number and sort code, I understand that this is to show it’s clickable but why can it just have a line under or a box around with no fill, does it really need anything at all. To me the blue pill just looks out of place.



and this

but im not sure about this one actually, it gives an indication that it is clickable I suppose.


A bit of context on the left to spend and pot names on the Home screen. Basically all the info around your main balance figure.

We’ve fixed Left to Spend so it now shows the correct value. And we also aligned iOS and Android implementation so we can consistently show the pot title, description, and goal progress in the right place.

HOWEVER! The backend hasn’t yet been updated to actually show the right figures to the right places. The reason is that if we do this now, older app versions would show it in the wrong place. When v2.56 is broadly available on iOS and Android stores we’ll make the switch so anyone on the latest version gets the right info in the right place, and folks on older versions just need to update their app. We do this to minimise the time that some info is in the wrong place for users.

This should happen Monday. So don’t worry, your app already has all the right changes, just hold tight until we flip that switch! :wink:


The update does make the home screen feel much faster and easier to navigate.

For pots, it would be great if the name of the pot would appear at the top rather then it saying “Pot” and giving me the name a bit hidden away underneath that. Maybe you could change “Pot” to “Pot - {{pot_name}}”?



Sorry :frowning: I didn’t spot that when writing my feedback. For some reason I just read that this was for the left to spend :frowning: Looking forward to Monday :smiley:

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android 2.56.0

I think @bruno may have addressed this first point, but I’ll mention it anyway just in case…

The account / pot name is now shown below balance in a small font, whereas the word “Pot” or “Current Account” appears above it bolded. In my opinion it should be the other way around so that precedence is given to the account or pot name rather than it’s type. My Credit Card currently shows the provider “Halifax” above and “Halifax Card” below. In line with the previous suggestion I’d much prefer it to show the Name (Halifax Card) at the top in bold, and object type (Credit Card) at the bottom in light font

The summary button looks strangely out of place at the top right and I don’t understand why its cannot be shown on the bottom nav bar for personal and joint accounts. It’s so central to the Monzo experience for many users.

I guess the summary bar will return when the “left to spend” calculations are ironed out … and I guess it will be clickable to get to summary, but that is not an obvious action, hence all the previous experimenting with blue pill boxes surrounding the balance. Just put the button on the bottom nav bar Bruno! :wink:

The Home button remains unintelligible to me. It doesn’t take me “Home”, wherever that is… I would expect it to return to my personal current account when I am viewing viewing pots / joint account / credit cards and then to show the account overview page if pressed on personal account. Currently its sole purpose seems to be to switch back from payments screen and to lower the transaction feed if looking at an account/pot. It’s not expected behaviour to me…

Personally I don’t like the placement of the sort code and account number above the balance when the transaction feed is pulled down. It causes a visual spasm :zap: and is not consistent with how other objects are shown. In addition I find that the blue pill spoils what is becoming a clean and classy interface.

The new profile/accounts page is looking very promising :grin:. although I would appreciate a quick way back. When pressing profile pic, my thumb is then at at the top of the screen and the back button is at the bottom. It’s a lot of travel just to back out. I know I can select a card / object to exit from the screen, but that requires mental agility to recall which account I was looking at, find it in the list and select it. For some reason I keep pressing my profile pic expecting it to return to the account I was looking at; I may get used to it but it the navigation feels unnatural to me right now.

I’ve mentioned before but I don’t like pots appearing in the carousel as it causes me too much swiping to move around. Would much rather see this used for accounts only. I’d prefer my pots to be shown in tiled page accessed by a “pots” button on the bottom nav or a pots button accessible under the card.

Overall it’s great to see the design evolving, but still some way to go for me.



Yes! This is something that is not solved yet. But we have ideas :bulb: