We're sending you a new card

I’m opening this as most threads are fairly old.

I opened the app today to a notification saying “We’re sending you a new card, we’re worried you might be exposed to fraud”. I haven’t seen any fraudulent payments in the last few days/weeks/months. Any idea why they would suddenly do this? I haven’t heard of any of the retailers I’ve used recently being the subject of a cyber attack or lots of fraud or anything…

I mean it’s not a big deal, I can still use the old card until I get my new one but just a bit odd really.

I wouldn’t say it’s odd, look at it in a way that they’ve noticed something of concern and have been proactive instead of reactive. They’ve saved you from potentially being the victim of fraud and losing a lot of money :slight_smile:

We won’t be able to tell you the exact reason so you’ll have to ask in app if you want to know that. Monzo have been known to do this in data breaches and such so it isn’t out of the ordinary.


I don’t see why it’s odd. If a bank sees a problem and try to fix it before the customer sees it, I’d have though that was a good thing. Just because there isn’t a problem that’s been made public doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem at all.

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They’ve probably seen high rates of fraud from people who have used their card at a specific merchant within a certain period. Suggests card details have been compromised. Like the Ticketmaster breach.


I’m not sure odd is the right word. ‘of a surprise’, maybe.

Thing is, Monzo are very good at analysing data and spotting trends. They identified that Ticketmaster had been hacked before anyone else did, for example. There was also the time they replaced all the cards that had been used by customers in a certain store at a specific card machine, as it was the sole common factor in a lot of fraud reports they were having.

So something similar has probably happened here; Monzo have noticed a common factor for a lot of fraud, and the odds of this being pattern rather than coincidence is enough so that as a precaution Monzo are replacing the cards of all customers who match that common factor regardless of if they’ve been defrauded yet or not.

tl;dr, they’ve got evidence from somewhere that replacing your card is a good thing to do to protect you.


Remember Monzo isn’t protecting you, it’s protecting itself. You’d get the fraudulent transactions refunded. Monzo would be the victim. You only get to use the card Monzo wants you to use.


Even so, if it stops a potential fraudster getting near my cash in the first place that’s a good thing.


I really think you’re splitting hairs here. Either way you look at it, the fact that money is proactively being protected is a good thing.

Speaking for myself, I’d rather have a new card first rather than the hassle of having to report and deal with any fraud. I may well get the money back, but in the meantime the inconvenience is much greater.


Thanks for the replies, I agree ‘odd’ was probably the wrong word it’s just I’d never seen my other bank (Lloyds) do this is the 10+ years I have been with them (leaving them soon though!), maybe they’re just worse at this sort of thing!

And it’s great that the old card still works while they get the new one to me!

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I’ve been banking since before cards were a thing. This has happened to me only once (Nationwide).

To add to this, when your new card arrives all you need to do is hold it to the back of your phone and it will be activated. Job done! :raised_hands: :sunglasses:

Yep, I really like that feature, especially as I’m an Android engineer myself working on something that requires reading a bank card and it’s actually a bit more complex than you’d imagine :sweat_smile:

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Not on iOS though :frowning:

I love Monzo’s proactive approach to fraud though, with minimal inconvenience to the user.

I think it’s important to be distinctive that, in the ticketmaster scenario, the bank is being defrauded not the customer, so even if Monzo did nothing they would need to reimburse you in the end. I’m curious at how proactive Monzo are capable of being when it comes to protecting the actual customer from being defrauded as there is unlikely to be an identifiable pattern or trend in those scenarios.