We're rethinking Monzo Plus bundles (and some other updates!)

No I totally get that, but you can at least ask :slight_smile:

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No, just quoted the bit I wanted to quote.

And while I get your point, I’d disagree. My point being it exists, and therefore people who did have it, should have the option to go back on it.

Also, I would never have cancelled if I had know what was going to happen next.

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Ok as an opinion to have. But that’s not how these work, ever. If you stop having something you don’t have it anymore. Your entitlement to it ended when you stopped having it… regardless of it still exists for others or not.


Yes I get that :smile:

But, no harm in asking


I signed up purely to post about the Monzo Plus account and my thoughts…

I am currently a Halifax Ultimate Reward customer (second account) and get
£300 fee free overdraft
Travel Insurance
Mobile Phone Insurance
Home Emergency Cover…

I think the good features Monzo could offer to make them unique/ based on what I saw the previous Monzo plus offer is…
Metal/ Premium Bank Card
Exclusive Offers
Interest on main balance
Fee free overdraft
Travel Insurance
Mobile OR/ AND Gadget Insurance

A decent price could come with this… for example Halifax charge £15/£17 dependent on how you manage your account each month. But I think I’d definitely like to see Monzo offer something different to the rest!!

What!? Am I massively misunderstanding here?

Didn’t the team apologise for not listening to the community last week when they realised nobody wanted bundles? Instead we made it clear (by a huge majority) that we want to build our own like we were promised from day #1.

Now you’re going to completely ignore everyone again to do your own thing?

I thought this was supposed to be a “new start” with the “valuable community” at heart? It makes me wonder if you did learn anything from your mistakes because it hasn’t taken long for the team to go against everything that was promised in the first post?


Nothing to get angry about. That they made a mistake with how they release the new version of plus doesn’t mean they intended to go back to how it was before.

While sad that it’s not a direction they are going, they will hopefully take careful consideration of how they go forward with plus.

But just because people complain and shout about something doesn’t mean it’s a workable idea.

Monzo should not bend to the every whim of the community as much as we’d like them to. I think they do that to much already and it can easily make for turning a company paralysed and unable to make decisions.

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I’m not at all angry just more confused than I was before.

I thought the initial message was positive and a great step in the right direction, but the subsequent messages from the team just seem to go against that :confused:

If they’re not doing what they originally set out to do, or the bundles thing then have they really learnt from the past and heard what their customers want? I just fear that we’re not going forward but sidewards and every paying Plus member is going to be taken for a ride again while they “figure it out”.


I think it’s the fact that this is what a significant number of people want, and the implementation was pretty bad first time round and they’re not trying to better it - just trying to find something else.

I would be shocked if the base package + other items wasn’t the issue. Just drop the base package rubbish that so many people didn’t want then you’re into building your own bundle which would be a lot simpler.

If bundles aren’t an option, and build your own isn’t an option, then what else can be on the table?

I still maintain a marketplace as a full financial hub for anything finance related would be the best route… fingers crossed!


Personally, I’m happy to see that Monzo are willing to accept when something didn’t work, and work out what to do to fix it. I’ve had Monzo Plus since the early bird offer, and I still have very high hopes for where it’s all going. And in the meantime, I honestly don’t begrudge my £3 a month because I know it’s going back into all this development. I mean, a hoodie or a mug would of course help the wait, but I’ll just leave the hint out there… :joy:

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It seems to have taken 3 months to change Monzo Plus V1 to Monzo Plus V2, let’s see how long it will take for V3 to be released :slight_smile:

Monzo Plus – you told us you didn’t like bundles, so we’ve created packs.

You can choose from the Housing Pack, Holiday Pack, or Superfan Pack.



I kind of suspect from that, that Monzo haven’t seen the uptake they wanted from either the totally customisable option… or the bundled option…

So they’re looking at what else they can do.

While people clearly don’t want bundles, doesn’t make the fully customisable approach viable either.

I suspect this will either turn into Monzo somehow getting new and better deals with their vendors, or Plus being stopped all together.

I personally can’t see Plus being cancelled all together to be honest, but who knows :man_shrugging:

Hopefully there will be an update next week as we’re kept in the loop this time round :crossed_fingers:

I mentioned this not long after Sheri mentioned that bit as a response to it… no one seemed to have read it until the last day or so :pensive:

Maybe because none of the early birds we’re able to add the extras to their accounts! Why they didn’t build this feature is beyond me.


I’d +1 for Cashback on Monzo+. Am currently using Curve Metal, while the insurance benefits are fairly useless to me, it’s nice to see the 1% cashback for my top six retailers, some other decent features on the roadmap.

Also, no harm in pushing a complaint into deadlock and approaching FOS (they’re there to help put things right).

It’d be entirely possible for Monzo to grandfather ex-Plustomers back on to their original agreements. They wouldn’t be the first or last company to do so, happens quite frequently.

I have today decided to immediately cancel my plus subscription as unfortunately it was totally useless and whilst £3 a month is nothing,i feel that it’s a total waste for an inferior card and a service that was promised but ultimately has not been delivered.

I :heart: Monzo in regards to every other aspect of the overall service and once they have finally got their act together and come up with a sound and workable offering for “Plus” i will gladly sign up again without any hesitation.

According to the Cop who dealt with this my
" plus" sub will be terminated immediately but will take up to 3 business days to process… we shall see :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Surprisingly my intial " enquiry" as to what was going on with bundles is now being dealt with as a formal complaint, even though at no point did i ask for it to be treated as such. I guess it will be interesting to see what the “Customer Advocacy” team come up with in their final response, as they have already been in touch by email.


I am an existing Monzo Plus user, and I wonder if you guys are segmenting us Monzo users to try and offer a number of packages, unless you can give us a truly customized offer. I would define ‘my segment’ as an emotional Monzo supporter who likes to discover new useful things that can be a talking point with other people, I referred quite a few people to use Monzo too. At the same time, I am rational and using Monzo as my main and only current account doesn’t make a financial sense to me just yet. I bank with HSBC and Nationwide where I have pots that pay me 5% a year on 250/ month savings; HSBC also provides me with a free family travel insurance as I have a mortgage with them. I also have Marcus with 1,5% (first year) easy access for my rainy day savings. I don’t pay any of them for their services.

So the concept of paying for a current account service is quite foreign to me. I decided to sign up with Monzo Plus at 3 GBP / month which i could probably stretch in my mind to 4 GBP / month for a pure vanity - I want a customized link and a slightly different card. Once I received a card though I didn’t adopt it as it didn’t look different to my regular one so the hassle of changing the payment details on some services was too much. I don’t think my vanity would take me as far as paying 6 GBP / month for it, so I would probably cancel after a year or so. Now the interest rate that Monzo Plus then offered was a real game-changer as at least then Monzo Plus would pay for itself, so I moved some money from Marcus to you. If, however, you will not offer it anymore - I will move it back so I can earn money to pay for your services. I will continue to justify 3 GBP / month for the feeling of being different and getting some merch / swag along the way, but anything on top would need to be rational :thinking::wink:


People who have cancelled the original £3 early bird offer – did you get to keep the personalised monzo.me URL?

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