We're hiring a junior community manager!

(Richard Cook) #41

This :point_down:

(Colin Robinson) #42

Well we all started off in here by being random people :wink:

(Naji Esiri) #43

@nickh Potentially yes! We’d certainly be open to discussing on an individual basis


I worked in a firm where two directors high-five-ed each other after an interview, one saying to the other “ha, we shaved 8K off what we could have given him”! That is the sort of thing you get when a salary band is not published. Not that I can imagine Monzo doing that, but it is still better for applicants if salary is made clear.

( surohpotsirhC) #45

Just putting this out there. I’ve seen two different answers to the salary question for this job. £9k difference between them.

Monzo are better than this.

(Jack) #46

I haven’t see many figures posted publicly besides assumptions made here?

( surohpotsirhC) #47

People are asking and sharing the answers in private chats. There could be other answers I haven’t seen.

(Jack) #48

The reason it may be different is lightly down to the following:

(Matt) #49

I haven’t been told I can’t share publicly so I assume it’s ok. I was told 30k

( surohpotsirhC) #50

I get that but as far as I’ve seen there’s no statement of the difference in options between the two values.

(lewis oconnor) #51

where would it be based?

(Jack) #52

I think thats up for discussion if you apply and get chosen for a phone interview.

(Danny) #53

Gone up a lot since the last lot of jobs that were going


It needs to be said what the salary is. It has to be transparent.

(Ben Talbot) #55

Yeah, I won’t apply for it unless I know some sort of estimate

(Jack) #56

You haven’t got anything to loose by applying in my opinion. You can discuss it with them if you get to the telephone interview, good luck to those that apply by the way!

(Ben Talbot) #57

True, but I feel like catching up my CV right now and preparing for it isn’t in my best interest unless I know that it’s a viable option for me :confused:

(Toby Toller) #58

On the flip side, there’s no point applying for any job without catching up your CV first…

(Ben Talbot) #59

Yeees, but I’ve already got one and don’t have anywhere I want to apply to apart from this Monzo job

(Alex Sherwood) #60

There you go then, it sounds like it’s worth taking the time to get your CV ready :slight_smile: